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My Pink Coat Dreams Came True

Here in Toronto things can get quite desolate outfit-wise without the right variety of coats in your closet. There are only about two months a year where we don’t have to wear a coat or jacket, so without a diverse range you can easily get into a “same thing every day” outfit slump. Trust me, it’s not fun.

It probably comes as no surprise that I have a special place in my heart for pink coats. Whereas most people *might* add a “pop” of colour to their outerwear repertoire, I strive to have a different shade of pink jacket for every day of the week and every single season. When I first saw this hot pink cocoon number on the J Crew website before Christmas I was totally smitten. Unfortunately I barely had time to grab my wallet before it was completely sold out in every shade.


A few weeks ago I was out for lunch with Paige (aka Studio Bicyclette) and the dream pink coat came up in conversation. She mentioned she’d kept her eyes out for it on Ebay, and on a total whim I went home and checked myself. That’s when my pink coat miracle occurred- there was one size two available, and thanks to a tiny blue stain it was actually less expensive than it had been in stores. I instantly jumped on it, and the rest is, well, evident in these pictures.






The best part? The alleged “blue dot” is completely invisible- we seriously can’t even find it! Maybe I should invest in some lottery tickets this month too? I’m feeling lucky…

Dress from Evernew, Jacket by J Crew, Booties by Cartel Footwear, Sunnies from ZANE, Backpack via. Shoptiques


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