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New York Diary Pt. 1: Ladurée Soho

It’s been awhile since I’ve taken a trip anywhere, so when I was invited to the Dear Kate #gocommando Kickstarter launch party in NYC, I jumped at the opportunity (btw, if you haven’t pitched in to get a pair of their incredible yoga pants yet, do it now! But more on that Wednesday…)

The last time I was in New York was last July with my BFF Sarah, so I was desperate to go back and explore new spots I’d read about, and visit my old favourites. I talked Emmett into getting his passport renewal rushed, changed the tires on the car, booked somewhere to stay within a matter of days, and then we were off!

I had a ton of amazing restaurants, bars, and shops to visit on my list, but the new Ladurée restaurant in Soho was my biggest priority. I visited one of their famous restaurants when I was in Paris a few years ago, and it was so truly delightful that I couldn’t wait to spend an afternoon of decadence at a location a little closer to home. I made reservations in advance to ensure we’d be seated in the garden (a gorgeous paradise that one of the staff members confided wasn’t even quite finished yet!), determined to eat my fancy desserts amongst the cherry blossom trees they have planted there.








As expected, Ladurée Soho is perfect. The rooms are so lavishly decorated, they look like they were directly imported from Versailles, and the cherry blossom courtyard is lovely quiet spot to escape the bustle of the city (even though they were no longer in bloom by the time we arrived.) The food, both savoury and sweet, is simply divine (my favourite part was “La Fraise Ladurée”, a tiny strawberry cake with hints of coconut and fluffy sponge cake!), and the tea is top notch (I tried a strawberry rhubarb black tea and ended up buying a bunch of loose leaf to take home!) Of course I also had to take some of their famous macarons to-go with me, and I may have snapped up a limited edition tea and cherry blossom scented candle as well!

Overall, it was an afternoon of splurging and decadence, and I left feeling like a modern day Marie Antoinette.









  • It looks beautiful!!! & the tiny strawberry cake looks delicious!

  • So gorgeous! I definitely want to go there someday. Love your outfit too!

  • I was just at Laduree in London and equally enamored with the entire experience. 🙂 Such a feast for the senses!

  • sooo lovely. the photography looks beautiful. i need to make my way over there for afternoon tea. 🙂

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  • I just wanted to write and thank you for this post. I just got back from a birthday trip to NYC with my mum and we spent a magical afternoon in the cherry blossom courtyard at Ladurée Soho (because I have been obsessing over going there since we began planning our trip and I read this post!). Anyway, it made our trip so magical and I never would have known about it if you hadn’t written about it in your blog. So thank you!!

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