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New York Diary Pt. 2: A Day in Pink Tulle

Every time I’m in New York City, I just can’t help but get all dressed up. Though in theory NYC is the champion of the all-black “model of duty” look, whenever I visit I’m instantly inspired to put together extra fun outfits, even for just a casual outing. I mean if you can’t wear it in the big apple, where can you wear it right?

I suppose this whole mentality about New York is what lead me to spend an entire day shopping in Soho in a pink tulle skirt. By the time we got back to the hotel later that evening I was shivering, tired, and barely able to stand on my heels anymore, but the moment when a little girl gasped and pointed “Look it’s a princess” on Broadway made it all worth it.

Like Emmett said, “I feel like you’re that sparkly tulle princess from, what’s that movie? Oh Enchanted!”






Mermaid Tee by Wildfox, Denim Jacket from Levis, Tulle Skirt by Jordan de Ruiter, vintage shoes , Socks by Happy Socks, Booties from Topshop, bag by Theit

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