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Pastel Christmas Par-Tea: Watercolour Gift Wrap DIY

There’s something special about wrapping up a hand-picked gift, but turning the wrap itself into a work of art really takes things to the next level.

I teamed up with @blousesandhouses, my artistically-inclined partner in crime here at RAOP, and together we created a roll of dreamy watercolour gift wrap! With a colour scheme inspired by our upcoming #pastelxmaspartea shoot, we chose shades of pink, purple, and blue, carefully blending them together to create pastel Christmas magic. Super simple and oh-so pretty, this is the perfect way to personalize the presents under your tree. You could even throw a DIY holiday wrap party if you felt to inclined…  





Supplies //

-Roll of white drawing paper (found at art supply stores)

-Watercolour paint in tubes

-small paint brushes for mixing

-small plastic containers (yogurt etc.) or a palette with deep compartments


-Cups of clean water



Instructions //

1 // Roll out your paper on a clean surface, use weights or clamps to secure it.

2 // Designate a container for each colour you’d like to use. Drop about a dime’s worth of watercolour paint into the bottom of the container. Add a few tablespoons of water and mix well.

3 // Dip the rag in a cup of clean water to saturate it, then dip into a colour mixture and in broad sweeping motions apply to paper. Try not to oversaturate the paper with water as it will tear!

4 // Once the paper is dry you can add another colour – We don’t recommend using more than 3 as the paper could become too weak.

5 // Allow to dry fully with the weights or clamps. Once dry (ideally next day) lay a clean towel over the paper and on a low setting lightly iron over it to smooth out any wrinkles.

6 // Start wrapping!

Note: Try not to overlap contrasting colours (ie: green and red) as this will make brown. Stick with cool or warm colour families to avoid making a mess of your artwork!

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