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Pastel Pool Party // Behind the Scenes

As we count the days until we get to share Scarlet O’Neill‘s amazing final photos from the Pastel Pool Party with all of you, we can’t help but release a few little sneak peeks here and there. Though we’re not quite ready to release everything yet (soon, we promise!) we wanted to post a few of our favourite behind the scenes photos from the party set up to build a little more excitement (as if we don’t have enough already!)

We started the day bright and early with some delicious brunch at La Cubana, then headed to my yard for a Trading Spaces-style makeover. We tucked away practical items like my bbq and fire wood, trading them for beautiful golden mirrors and white wood nesting tables. While Paige got to work on our tropical floral balloon garland, I set up a magical dressing room full of jewels and pastel clothing for our guests to play dress up with. Though there were a few intense moments (balloons vs. trees, heat, 2 cats and 3 dogs is not a good match), everything came together in the end, and when everyone had arrived and we finally cut our pink ombre cake cake from The Wedding Cake Shoppe, it really felt like all of our Pastel Pool Party dreams had come true.










[photos: 1,3,4,6,7,9,10 // Brianne Burnell | 2,5,8,11: Paige Boersma]

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