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Pink Iced Tea Lattes with Public Lives Secret Recipes

Last month we welcomed Caitlin of Public Lives Secret Recipes into #thepastelpalace and shared one of our favourite top secret household staple recipes with her. After much anticipation the final results are now live on her site, and we can’t get enough!

Sweet, refreshing, and not to mention vegan, these iced lattes have been a staple in our lives since before we had even formed #teamRAOP, and we’re thrilled to be able to share the recipe today (complete with striped pink and white ice cubes, just because!)

A little bit from Caitlin’s post:

You can imagine our delight when Alyssa mentioned she would be making a Pink Iced Tea Latte for us. We were even more excited when we realized how easy & delicious the recipe truly was! While Johanna & Alyssa joke that they only ever eat finger food for dinner since they’re constantly at events for work at night, when they do get a chance to hang in the kitchen they love making Mexican Fiesta Bowls. As for dessert, their go-to’s are a Loaded Milkshake & Kitten and the Bear seasonal jams drizzled on pretty much anything & everything.

Check out the full post and recipe here!





Side note: be sure to checkout Caitlin’s adorable rice crispy business “Cait’s Crisp Pops” too! She left us a few of the mini burgers and they were just the best.

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