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There’s nothing like a fresh start, especially when fruity scented cleaning supplies and nifty organizational tools are involved. I am a proud proclaimed neat freak, and moving into a new space of my own this time of year has prompted something I’ve always wanted to do: the ULTIMATE Spring Clean.

Going from multi-level apartment with a room mate to one bedroom condo automatically meant I needed to cut down about 1/4 of my belongings, and by the end of my purge I think I was probably left with less than half. I sold what I could, and then filled a friend’s Prius to the BRIM with everything that was left (if you ever have things to offload, St. Felix House is always in desperate need!)

With most of the baggage from my past behind me, I walked into my new apartment with less than I’ve owned in a long, long time, determined only to bring new things in that really bring something to the table. Here’s what I invested in to keep my new home minimal, organized, and clean!

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The Laundress – I love doing the laundry, especially when beautiful laundry products are involved. The Laundress has your clothing covered, from delicate wash and stain solution, to
static solution and crease release (particularly helpful with wrinkled sheets!)

Mrs.Meyers Clean Day – One of our go-to brands, Mrs.Meyers Clean Day never fails to impress with bright packaging, uplifting scents and most importantly, great natural cleaning power. This Spring I’m especially into Honeysuckle counter spray & lavender dish soap

Hasegawa Lucano Mint 2 step ladder – vertical space is key when it comes to storage in small living quarters, but if you’re on the shorter side it can lead to a lot of risky chair balancing acts. Luckily I found a step ladder so cute that I want to keep it out!

Parachute Home sateen sheet set – Am I the only one who has spent most of my life dreaming of finding the perfect sheet set? This silky set named after my favourite place in the world finally put my search to bed.

Herban Essentials Cleaning Wipes – these handy essential oil wipes can be used for just about everything, from makeup remover to dryer sheets that lightly scent your laundry!





Neat Freak Organization – as a self-proclaimed “Neat Freak”, this brand definitely speaks to me. As mentioned above, vertical space is everything, so these 4 tier velvet hangers have been a life saver. Shoes have also proven to be a bit of a hurdle, but thanks to this over the door shoe hanger I have more than enough space for a pair and a spare! Honorable mention: fresh scented Storage drawers!

Simple Human Rose Gold Garbage Cans – All that glitters CAN be gold, even your garbage cans! Having these gleaming beauties makes taking out the trash much more glamorous, and displaying them means I have more cupboard space where I would usually try to hide trash away. I got the
Baby size for the bathroom and the bigger size for the kitchen and I couldn’t be happier with the investment.

Yellow Birdies Slippers – Cleaning up (and just about everything else) is more fun with cute slippers! This cheery yellow pair is the perfect addition to my collection, and they keep me from sliding all over the place while pushing around the vacuum etc.

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