Dear Diary

Do you ever find yourself avoiding workouts with the excuse “if I only had more time”? What if you could run 10k without wasting even a moment?

Though I genuinely enjoy working out, I’ve been busier than ever the past few months, and my beloved runs and workout classes have slowly slipped lower and lower on my priority list. When Adidas invited me to participate in their #RunMore 10k I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Starting at 1am November 1st, this race is built around the moment when the clocks turn back- in other words, you run for an hour, but lose no time at all! It’s essentially like running back in time, and with nothing to lose, how could I not jump at the chance? Apparently a couple other people agreed too: the run is all sold out already (but you can still find out about future events here.)

What do runners do with extra time on our hands? We run more. Hope I see you guys out there this weekend!