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I was lucky enough to take an impromptu trip home to Vancouver a few weeks ago to spend time with my family, and while I was there I wanted to explore and see as much as I possibly could. My parents have recently started to get into wine, and they suggested we do an overnight trip to Naramata, a region of the Okanagan Valley known for their incredible fruit and wine.

Naramata is quite easily one of the most picturesque places I’ve ever been. A stretch of vineyards spanning the side of a valley with the lake below, even driving around on the twisty roads is breathtaking. We spent an entire day tasting, swirling and sniffing every kind of wine imaginable, and even came across a beautiful small batch distillery, a creamery and a fruit stand. We left with armfuls of wine bottles and a few other treats for the road, and I’m already dreaming about going back next summer!

My favourite spots:

*Misconduct Winery

*Legend Distilling

*Hillside Winery 

*Granny’s Fruit Stand

*Upper Bench Creamery