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Coming from the West Coast, I’ve been lucky to have been able to see a lot of California from a very young age. My family was constantly taking road trips down the coast in search of the sun when it seemed like the rain in Vancouver would never quit, and over the years I caught glimpses of San Diego, San Francisco, endless tiny surf towns, and so much more. There will always be a special place in my heart for Big Sur, for Beverly Hills, and of course for Anaheim (the home of Disneyland), but in the end my adult favourite has turned out to be Venice Beach.

There’s a certain degree of whimsy and magic to Venice Beach that’s hard to describe. Built to mirror Venice, Italy, canals with little boats run between beautiful pastel houses with cactus gardens in the front yard. On the main streets like Abbott Kinney stylish babes wander the streets with ice cream cones and overpriced sneakers, and down on the boardwalk surfers and skaters fill the massive sidewalk. It’s the perfect combination of relaxed and exciting, stylish and fun, and oh, there is so much colour around every corner!

Scroll down for our favourite spots…










Food and Drinks //

Salt & Straw
Sunny Spot
Moon Juice
The Butchers Daughter
Cafe Gratitude

Shopping //

Urbanic Paper
Ilan Dei
Bountiful (so many cake stands!)

*if you happen to visit on a Friday don’t miss the Farmer’s Market!





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I’ve been to L.A. a handful of times, but for some reason I’d always skipped over Silverlake. Though I’ve heard so many good things over the past few years, I was just never able to fit in enough time to explore properly, and I didn’t really have a good handle on what was in the area to begin with.  This time around when Johanna and I booked our trip with Expedia.ca and mapped out how we wanted to spend our precious days we we made sure to put a whole afternoon aside for Silverlake.

We were oh so glad we did.

Of all the places we visited in our five days in LA, Silverlake felt the most like home. The long sunny strip offered so many cute coffee shops and swoon-worthy boutiques that we quickly lost count, and it seemed like every few steps we’d discover something new to fall in love with. Though I’m still definitely a bit more beach-loving, Johanna quickly decided this neighbourhood was where she’d want to live if we made the big move, and by the end of our stroll I was almost swayed. The food! The delicious cocktails! The locally made goods! The cute boys (like, really cute!)

Scroll down for our favourite spots! 







Coffee //
Dinosaur Coffee
Alfred Coffee

Food and Drinks //
Ohana Poke Co.
Night Market

Boutiques //
La Causa
Dream Collective
Clare V





FullSizeRender 2





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And just like that, we’re officially off to California- in fact, if you’re reading this we’re probably already halfway there!

Booking the trip with Expedia.ca a month ago was a breeze, (they bundled our car, hotel, and flight for one crazy price) but ever since things have been a bit chaotic here at The Pastel Palace as we scrambled to wrap up creative projects, organize pet sitters and get our nails done (it’s an essential prep step!) When it came to the final countdown, we left the hardest part of the trip till last- packing!

I like to pride myself on being a really good packer, but even I had a tough go this time around. Travelling from cold Toronto to warm LA is complicated as it is, but factor in outfits for photoshoots and the cold seaside nights and it’s easy to go overboard with the suitcases.

After a bit of trial and error, and some harsh cut backs, we finally got it together.

Scroll down for our tips for perfect pastel packing:



Keep it Simple // There’s no need to bring three curling irons and four different kinds of deodorant. You’re not on vacation to hide in the bathroom prepping for hours at a time, so streamline your routine and go have some fun!

Cut What You Can // I once read never to pack anything for vacation that you haven’t worn in the past few months, and though climate changes come into play I generally agree with this statement. If you don’t wear it at home you likely won’t wear it on vacation!

Save Space // It’s pretty much inevitable that no matter where you go you’ll end up with a handful of treasures to cart back. Save space so nothing gets left behind, or pack an extra collapsible bag just in case.

Back to Basics // Layering and basics are the key to smart packing. Keep patterns and heavy materials to a minimum, and layer up with light favourites instead whenever possible.

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It seems like only yesterday that Paige and I were sifting through hundreds of photos from our trip to the West Coast together, but today we’re finally posting our last round of photos from LA. As the days get colder here in Toronto and the holiday season gets underway, we can’t help but miss the warm sunshine, palm trees and pastel buildings of LA, and we figured it was the perfect time to share a list of some of our favourite places in the city of angels. Some are old picks from Paige’s numerous work trips, and some are spots that we discovered together this autumn, but every single one is absolutely worth seeing next time you’re in town!

Lemonade– Paige and I fell in love with lemonade separately and then gushed over it together when we discovered our mutual obsession. A cafeteria-style haven of healthy snacks, sweet treats, and the best lemonade you’ve ever tasted (we recommend watermelon rosemary), there is nowhere better to lunch in LA.

Ilan Dei– A semi-outdoor housewares shop with all sorts of adorable surprises hiding behind every corner, this Venice Beach store is a must-see if you’re into good design and bright colours. Think succulents and pops of neon.

Gracias Madre– An unbelievably beautiful restaurant with an all-vegan menu. It can be hard to get a seat, especially on the weekend, so we recommend sneaking in for lunch if at all possible to avoid crazy wait times. We also highly recommend you try the alcoholic snow cones with your meal (though we must warn you, they’re stronger than they look!)

The Wildfox Store– When one of our favourite brands opened their flagship in LA, we knew we had to make a point of stopping by. Luxe and lovely, this shop is full of whimsical treasures and a whole lot of super soft pretty t-shirts.







Moon Juice– If you’re looking for something healthy, inventive, and tasty, look no further than Moon Juice. With an incredible seasonal cold pressed juice menu and all sorts of intriguing elixirs and inventions available to take home, it’ll have the health nut in you swooning. Plus, their branding is just so on point!

The Standard Hotel– We stopped into The Standard with the Ban.do girls for lunch and cocktails on the pool deck, and everything about it felt very quintessential LA. Make sure you try the coconut mojito or watermelon margarita (or both!)

Bottega Louie– We’ve already posted so much about BL, but it’s worth mentioning again. No matter who you are or what you like, you just have to go!

Urbanic– Love pretty pens, fancy candles, and all things Rifle Paper Co? Urbanic will make all of your stationary dreams come true, and you might even find yourself lusting over new party supplies or Kate Spade desk accessories that you’ve never seen anywhere else before.

Treats Frozen Yogurt– Not only does this shop have the best frozen yogurt ever, but they also make incredible snow cones in all sorts of magical flavours like violet and rose. If you’re feeling really adventurous (and hungry) try the “California Snow”, a mountain of shave ice with a frozen yogurt center!




Some spots we were hoping to visit but never got a chance to:

The Piñata district and flower market– It’s always fun to explore the hustle and bustle of downtown LA, and we love the idea of getting lost amongst flowers and piñatas for an afternoon!

Sugarfina– The Ban.do girls are big fans of this spot, and their Instagram is so incredible! Rumour has it they stock adorable sparkly champagne marshmallows (insert love eye emogi!)

The Sunny Spot– A Caribbean restaurant with a beautiful patio and an extremely tasty brunch menu.

Sugar Paper– We love Sugar Paper’s cards, and we’ll absolutely be stopping into their store next time we’re in LA!

Dress Up

Winter is in full swing, the holiday season is upon us, and Paige and I’s California trip feels like a distant memory, but luckily we took so many pictures on the trip that we still have a few posts left to share before fully committing exclusively to winter weather and holiday posts.

Today’s outfit post takes us back to Venice Beach, one of our favourite neighbourhoods in LA. On our way to shop the adorable independent boutiques along Abbott Kinney blvd we stopped in front of a massive bush covered in pink flowers to take a few outfit snaps featuring some of the pieces we’d picked up on our buying adventures. The sun was setting, the air smelled sweet, and winter parkas were so far from our minds that they seemed like fiction. As the snow falls outside in Toronto today, we can’t help but daydream about bare legs, sandals, and those perfect California sunsets.