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When Mary Kay first approached us about driving their pink Cadillac around for a day, we couldn’t decide where to head first. Should we go apple picking in a neighbouring town? Spend an evening at the drive in movies with buckets of popcorn? Visit one of our favourite local sweet spots to load up on treats?

And then it struck us like a bolt of sugary lightning: let’s spend a day visiting ALL of our favourite Toronto sweet spots!

If you’re ever stuck for sugar in the big smoke, or visiting from out of town in search of new desserts, you now need look no further than the #RAOPtreattour. True, we weren’t able to cover everything (the pink Cadillac was super speedy, but you know, speed limits…), however we did capture all of our absolute top pastel picks. We even made up a little map of all the places our Mary Kay Caddy took us so you can retrace our route yourselves!










Okay, let’s backpedal for a second. Why a pink Cadillac in the first place?! Well, in case you hadn’t heard, Mary Kay has a long tradition of providing their top achieving Independent Sales Directors with a pink ride to peddle their lipsticks, blush, mascara and more out of. Legend has is Mary Kay herself walked into Cadillac and asked them to match her custom car to a lip and eye palette in her purse, and when she realized how eye catching it was to be out and about in a rose-tinted ride, she decided to add it to her Career Car fleet! Cute right?

We didn’t sell any Mary Kay during our #randomactsofcaddy day, but we DID fall in love with a whole bunch of lipgloss, listen to nonstop Ariana Grande and ingest a mountain of sugary goodness! It was a pretty crazy experience to see how people around us reacted, and honestly we had a hard time giving our dream ride back when the day was done – we’re still getting Instagram comments and messages from people who spotted us on our sweet adventure!

Scroll down for the #RAOPtreattour map, and more details about our picks!


Kitten and the Bear //

We can’t express our love for this place enough – there’s honestly nowhere sweeter in the whole city. Sit in for an exquisite tea service, or take a scone milk latte and loaded scone sammie to-go!


Peace Treats Co. //

New to the Toronto sweets scene, Peace Treats Co. is taking the city’s frozen dessert scene by storm with their “more is more” style milkshakes. Every single flavour is a work of art, but we highly recommend the “Amusement Park” if you’re craving some ultimate pink cotton candy magic for your Instagram feed.


Glory Hole Donuts //

Do-nut even get us started on how great these donuts are! Glory Hole is home to the famous “toast and butter” flavour (just trust us and try it), plus they offer ice cream donut creations, incredible seasonal flavours like cherry pie, and a few daily vegan options if that’s what you fancy.


Bake Shoppe TO //

If you ask a Torontonian to direct you to the city’s most popular bakery, they’d probably send you in the direction of Bake Shoppe. With a menu of epic goodies including ruffles chip marshmallow squares, homemade pop tarts, and the best chocolate brownies you’ve ever tasted, this place is an absolute must-taste on the treat tour.


Petit Nuage //

There are plenty of big fancy macaron shops in Toronto, but Petit Nuage makes the best of the bunch out of her tiny shipping container storefront. You haven’t lived if you haven’t tried the cloud-like “Nimbus” macaron (it’s filled with soft marshmallow and it’s truly divine.)


Through Being Cool //

If you’re on the hunt for vegan baked goods that taste like they came hot out of your grandmother’s oven, this is the stop for you. We’re especially addicted to their sprinkle donuts, the massive slices of cake, and the gooey cookies!


Who did we miss? Share your favourite Toronto treat spots in the comments!

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I haven’t had as much of a chance to explore Ontario as I want to, so when Sophie offered to give me an adventure as my birthday gift, I suggested we get out of town. The KATB crew has totally fallen for Prince Edward County over the past few months (check out their guide here), so it was the obvious choice when deciding on a final destination. Sophie booked us a tiny cabin at Lake on the Mountain just steps from the water, and we roped in Jaymi from Good Day hair as well – mostly because she’s an awesome mutual friend, but also a tiny bit because of her cottage hair styling skills (love you Jaymi!)

Early Sunday morning we settled in for a long drive on the open road and after about three hours of horrible car sickness (thanks to those beautiful winding country roads) we had arrived in Ontario’s tiny island heaven. Separated into a handful of smaller towns and communities, like Bloomfield and Picton, PEC is full of amazing restaurants, wineries, and adorable shops, and we couldn’t have asked for a better tour guide than Sophie to show us the best of the best.

The possibilities for #RAOPplaces were seemingly endless, but I’ve rounded up some of my absolute must-see picks for you next time you visit!

Scroll down for my pastel PEC travel guide!














Slickers //

The best homemade country-style ice cream in all the land. Try the chocolate orange and the campfire!

County Cider Company //

Serving up amazing pizza and just about every flavour of cider you can imagine, this is the perfect place to load up on local sips to take home to your friends (or hoard for yourself.)

Vicki’s Veggies //

You know those farm stands in the olden days where you write down what you take and leave cash in a jar? Well, this tiny family-run farm is just that!

Coriander Girl PEC //

A Toronto favourite, Allison now lives in PEC and has opened up the prettiest little county coriander girl florist you ever did see.

Miller House at Lake on the Mountain //

This restaurant was part of the complex we stayed in, and I’m surprised we ever left. It was essentially a cheese board-only eatery that overlooked the ferry crossing, and if the sun sets weren’t worth a visit, the food definitely was!

Norman Hardie Winery //

Open air dining, an adorable shop filled with local goods, amazing wine and an oyster shucking bar? What else could you ever want?!

The Courage //

The decor at this spot is a perfect mix of minty old and new, and the brunch is on point! Don’t forget to snap a photo of their perfect neon sign between bites.

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The first time I visited Montreal I fell head over heels for the city. I immediately decided I needed to learn French and move up there at any cost, and for awhile I really worked on the dream… but then things really took off for me here in Toronto. Before I knew it, I hadn’t even visited Montreal for over three years, and I’d lost track of what I even liked about it in the first place.

When Sonnet Insurance invited Team RAOP to be their guests at Osheaga just a week before the big festival we were skeptical, but we decided to make it work. Johanna and I hadn’t seen each other for weeks thanks to a family trip on her end and Wayhome on mine, so we figured why not meet somewhere new instead of back at home? She flew in from Halifax and I flew in from Toronto, and there we were ready to explore Montreal together.

And oh, did we ever explore!

If I was head over heels for Montreal before, I was flat on my back on the floor this time around. So many beautifully designed restaurants! The most tasty coffee ever! Cute pastel houses galore! We honestly compiled a city guide twice the size of our LA trip guide after only three short days (most of which were spent at a music festival!)

Scroll down for our picks (sorted by neighbourhood) and please let us know what we missed in the comments for next time!







Mile End

Citizen Vintage // vintage store
General 54 // vintage + locally made boutique
Unicorn Boutique // women’s apparel + jewellery
Boucle & Papier // cards + gifts
Empire Boutique // unisex vintage + locally made goods and apparel
Lowell // leather goods + unisex locally made clothing
St-Viateur Bagel // bagels
La Diperie // soft serve ice cream
Boutique Vestibule // decorative accessories and clothing
Ferlucci Café Boutique // A sweet Italian coffee shop







Plateau Mont-Royal

Suwu // plant filled bar + hip-hop brunch
Pompette // sliders + cocktails
GAB // coffee shop
Noble Cafe // vintage + locally made goods and apparel
V de V // housewares + pretty things
Hof Kelsten // bakery + deli
Soupe Soup // soup + sandwich shop

Other Neighbourhoods

Le Café Pista // soup + sandwich shop (Beaubien)
Agrikol // Haitian food (The Village)
Sophie Sucrée // vegan pastry shop (The Village)
Le Mal Nécessaire // tiki bar (Saint-Laurent)
Café Saint-Henri // cafe (Saint-Henri)
September Surf Cafe // coffee shop with surf retail store + DIY surfboard workshop (Little Burgundy)
Hoogan et Beaufort // stylish restaurant (Rosemont)
Tommy Cafe // cafe (Old Montreal / Notre Dame)
Venice // California style health food + clean eating restaurant (Old Montreal)

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The first time I visited Nice I had nothing with my but my childhood best friend and a backpack half my size. We hit up all the tourist spots, stayed in a hostel, and ended up driving the coast with a mysterious old man who owned a hotel before we hopped a train to Paris- but that story is for another time. Though I’ve been back to Paris since, something about the picturesque city of Nice stuck with me, and for years if anyone asked my favourite place to visit I would name it without hesitation. I couldn’t wait to get back, so when the opportunity arose a few weeks ago I was ready to hop on a plane right that second.

I wasn’t totally sure what to expect heading back to a place I had idealized for the last six years, but luckily “The California of France” exceeded my distant memories. A small tropical city right on the coast, Nice really does feel like a small town, and within days I’d established my favourite spots.

Scroll down for my top Pastel Picks in Nice //









Paper Plane // Being a vegetarian in France is extremely difficult, especially if you’re strict on seafood. Luckily, Paper Plane is like a glittering green gem hidden amongst endless pizza and white bread. This small cafe is so lovely, and it’s one of the only places to get a good healthy breakfast (try the avocado toast!)

Fennochio // If you followed my trip at ALL, on any platform, you’ll know that I lived almost exclusively on ice cream from this legendary spot. Each flavour has a little “garnish” in the case, which can include anything from a fruit to a tiny tiny can of coke, and the floral section (yes, floral SECTION) is seriously the best tasting thing in the entire world. You can make an ice cream cone that tastes like a bouquet. No lie.

Marche Aux FLeurs // If you aren’t sold on Nice already, this will probably win you over- there is a market bursting with fresh flowers (mostly peonies and roses I might add) every morning in the middle of town! Walking down this strip in the hot sun might be one of my favourite smells of all time.

Tote et Mamie Charlotte // In my books a visit to France isn’t complete without an epic cheese board or two, and the platter at Tote et Mamie Charlotte is seriously the best! It’s also served on a bed of lettuce, which trust me, you’ll appreciate after all the bread!











Banh Mei // This is strictly a lunch spot (as in they’re only open for lunch), but it’s wonderful all the same. Treat yourself to a delicious Vietnamese style sandwich, and pick up a home made bubble tea or two while you’re at it. This is the perfect place to snatch up takeout for the beach!

La Rotonde // In all honesty I didn’t actually eat here because it was crazy expensive and served almost entirely meat dishes, but I did pop in for a few sneaky photos and practically fainted. This is a carousel themed restaurant… need I say more?

La Maison Auer // In case you didn’t get your fill of sweets around the corner at Fenocchio, you can indulge in traditional candied fruits, macarons, and house made liqueurs at Maison Auer. This was one of my top spots to pick up treasures to cart home, and I’m still trying to save my chocolate covered orange peels to this day.

Cafe de Turin // If Fruits de Mer are your thing, there is nowhere better than this age old local tradition. Serving fresh oysters and other seafood since 1908, it’s a quintessential Nice experience!

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Growing up I spent most of my winters at my grandparent’s house in Palm Springs, and though I don’t remember a lot, the few memories that I do have are bathed in sunshine and smiles. Learning to drive my grandpa’s golf cart, long dips in the pool, and trips to the flea market in search of treasures with my grandma: they’re moments I hope to never forget.

I hadn’t been back to Palm Springs since my childhood family vacations, but the #RAOPinCali trip seemed like the perfect time to revisit the past. It was more simple to book our trip in and out of LAX when we were organizing everything on, so we opted to drive from the Madonna Inn down to Palm Springs for our last 24 hours instead of flying. We booked a pink and purple room at the oh-so-colourful Saguaro Hotel, and planned to do what Palm Springs is best for: lounge by the pool all day long.

But of course I’m far too energetic for that sort of thing, and though we spent most of our time within the rainbow walls of The Saguaro, we took free rental bikes for a morning adventure to explore the hotel’s surroundings.

We didn’t have a ton of time to pastel hunt, but the few sights we did see were worth the workout. First we headed to The Parker, a beautiful hotel property designed by Jonathan Adler a few blocks away. We treated ourselves to the most beautiful breakfast at Norma’s (one of the hotel’s restaurants-make sure you try the lemonade!) before exploring the lush maze-like grounds. After breakfast we went on a semi-epic search for “That Pink Door”, only to find it was just around the corner from our hotel all along. Hot, sweaty, and bicycled-out, we retired to the colourful pool deck at The Saguaro for the rest of the afternoon before hopping back in the car to hop a plane home.

I’ve used the word “perfect” in this series of vacation posts FAR too much, but that’s because everything about it really was so magical, and our relaxing time in Palm Springs was the best ending we could’ve hoped for. I can’t wait to see where our next colourful adventures take us… a pastel world tour perhaps?!
















Get yourself a rainbow room at The Saguaro with here!

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