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I don’t often find the time to go thrifting or visit antique and flea markets anymore, so when my friends at Kitten and The Bear invited me to come visit them at The Echo Beach Flea I was thankful for the excuse!

Only a few blocks away from my house, this new reincarnation of The Junction Flea was just what the doctor ordered for a sunny Saturday. I feasted on cauliflower tacos with mango sauce, sipped a shaken iced chai almond latte, and scooped up the prettiest little vintage pink-framed mirror you ever did see.

If you’re looking for a new venue to treasure hunt this summer, look no further!







These are a few of my favourite things //

Little Teacup Vintage
Coco’s Frosting Shack
Kitten and the Bear
Foundry Ice Cream
Eat Inc.
Stephanie Cheng
Augie’s Ice Pop






Dress Up

The first time I saw one of Corey Moranis‘ cakes, I seriously refused to believe that it could be edible. Bedecked with glitter and rainbow icing, it was nothing like I’d ever seen before, and that pretty much sums up Corey’s work as a whole: it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

A multi-disciplinary artist, Corey’s most recent venture is Coco’s Frosting Shack, a line of jewellery she launched from a tiny pink tollbooth near OCAD university last summer alongside some of her famous treats. I somehow never made it to the actual shack (though I did drool over Instagram photos pretty much daily), but when Corey decided to continue making and selling her accessories online she was kind enough to send me a few pieces to play dress up with!

Handmade with the help of some crafty high-tech machines, her plastic creations are available on Etsy, the Coco’s Frosting Shack site, and at local shops like Magic Pony and Ardith. Much like her sugary “edible frosting”, her wearable fashions are colourful, bold, and laced with something I can only describe as “that sparkle-magic touch”







*Note: Some or all of the items featured in this post were given to me as a gift from the maker, but I only write about products I genuinely adore, I promise!*

Photos by Brianne Burnell