Get Creative

Brianne Burnell is one of my oldest, closest friends, and when she quit her job to peruse her passion for illustration exactly 1 year ago, I was so excited for her. In the time between then and now she’s created countless beautiful amazing pieces of art, taken over Toronto shops with her handmade greeting cards, submitted work to big name magazines, and even illustrated an adorable children’s book. To say she’s talented and driven is a massive understatement, and I fall more in love with her work with every new wip screenshot she sends me.

Awhile back Brianne and I decided to collaborate on a few prints for my Society 6 store, and she does the “album art” for my seasonal 8 tracks playlists (Autumn coming soon!) but I really wanted to take on another joint project, so I asked her if we could start a series of desktop backgrounds. The first round is dedicated to the end of my favourite season, Summer.

To download the high-res versions of these images and dress up your phone/computer/etc. simply click the image and then save the image or drag and drop to your device! 




All artwork by Brianne Burnell