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Though we’re all aware that sugary cereal is more of a treat than a breakfast food at this point, there’s something so irresistible about the fun shapes, pretty colours, and of course the sweet infused milk it leaves behind.

Comforting and nostalgic, these tea lattes re-imagine one of our favourite colourful breakfast cereals as a frothy caffeinated delight. Infused with Earl Grey tea (which we think tastes remarkably like fruit loops on its own) and topped with rainbow cereal crumbs, it’s sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

We dare you to cheat and try it with breakfast!

Ingredients //

1 cup vanilla soy or almond milk
½ cup fruit loops + extra for topping
1 cup double steeped earl grey tea (split into two mugs)








Recipe //

Steep the cereal in the milk for a few hours, or overnight if possible. When you’re ready to use it, strain out and dispose of the cereal so you just have pink, fruity milk left. Set aside.

Next, steep your earl grey tea. You’ll need two mugs half-filled with boiling water, and tea (either two tea bags per cup or four teaspoons of loose leaf per cup). You want this infusion to be very strong, like a shot of espresso! Steep the tea for 2.5 minutes, then remove the tea.

Froth the milk using a steamer, your espresso machine, or a simple battery-operated milk frother (available at any kitchen appliance shop). Once marshmallow-fluffy, slowly pour over your earl grey tea in the mugs you’ve chosen.

Finally, crunch up some cereal into a fine powder and sprinkle on top to add a bit of rainbow magic!