Dear Diary

There’s a LOT going on behind the scenes at #ThePastelPalace these days, and though we aren’t ready to release all the details quite yet I thought I’d take the first step: introducing you to our rapidly growing dream team!

First up, most of you already know Johanna, the original pastel club member! Jo does all of the photography, editing, crafting, and all sorts of crazy other tasks around here (including painting random objects pink and walking the dogs at lightning speed before we rush to a shoot). Oh, and she’s also my best friend and room mate too…

What you probably don’t know is how many other awesome women make up our RAOP girl gang! Mari is our first part time employee, and you’ll be seeing lots of posts written by her coming to the blog soon (think beauty and fun sewing projects). Olivia is our official intern, and though we met her through Instagram she immediately felt like part of the family. Kelsie just joined the lineup a few weeks ago, and has been totally killing it helping with styling and planning new projects (hooray!) Finally, Jeanine has been doing an *incredible* job updating the website (do you like it so far?!) and she has even more amazing surprises up her sleeve!

So there you have it- my dream team! I think it’s about time you guys got to know them, so here are some of their Fall favourites this year:


Johanna //

What summer trend/item are you planning on keeping around?
Ripped jeans (sub-in glitter tights underneath.)

How do you change up your space once autumn arrives?

Get rid of all my belongings so I can flee the cold.

What is inspiring you right now?
Rocks, minerals & gemstones.

What’s that one piece of clothing that you just can’t wait to break out once it gets chilly?
I put on a turtleneck under anything I’m wearing as soon as the temp dips below 23 degrees C!


Olivia //

What summer trend/item are you planning on keeping around?
So not ready for the choker trend to be over yet.

What is your go-to fall beverage?
Chai tea lattes mmmm.

What is inspiring you right now?
Hari Nerf and Petra Collins photography and the whole idea of challenging the male gaze.

What’s that one piece of clothing that you just can’t wait to break out once it gets chilly?
Leather jacket forever and always.


Jeanine //

Where are you looking for inspiration right now?
I love MyDomaine for interior design and Instagram for style (@alwaysjudging, @hypebae, @persephonevint to name a few).

How do you change up your space once autumn arrives?
I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and am gravitating toward a more neutral colour palette. I’m slowly introducing different shades of grey into my bedroom, and I want to play some more with textures like velvet and faux furs. I also just bought a beautiful heathered grey flannel duvet cover. So soft and cozy.

What is inspiring you right now?
Fran Drescher meets Carmen Sandiego.

What’s that one piece of clothing that you just can’t wait to break out once it gets chilly?
My coat collection. I can’t pick just one!


Kelsie //

What summer trend/item are you planning on keeping around?
White. The Labour Day rule is sooo archaic, winter whites forever!

What colour are you crushing on for fall?
Dusty rose and cobalt- especially together.

How do you change up your space once autumn arrives?
I’ll replace my lighter summer throws with super thick and cozy ones, and change all of my candles to tobacco and woody scents. I pay a little too much attention to that stuff.

What is your go-to fall beverage?

Mulled wine of course! That counts as a serving of fruit right?


Mari //

What summer trend/item are you planning on keeping around?
I wish I could say my spice girl platform sandals, with socks, but I’m not so sure I can pull that off. So I’m going to go with my beloved Chance 3 hat, especially on bad hair days.

Where are you looking for inspiration right now?, always. Intricate cross stitchings. Pinterest, to figure out how to cover up the two floor-to-ceiling mirror walls in my new apartment.

How do you change up your space once autumn arrives?
Mostly I drink a lot more coffee. But also, I am moving so I have a whole new space to play with, which is very exciting.

What’s that one piece of clothing that you just can’t wait to break out once it gets chilly?

My long flannel coat which has already been making the rounds.

Dress Up

First off, happy World Ballet Day!

Was anyone else super obsessed with Centre Stage growing up? There was something about the horrible acting and amazing choreography that really hit a nerve with me, but try as I might I was never really able to master the art of dancing – especially ballet.

I recently re-discovered my love for ballerina twirling at Extension Method (more on that in our #RAOPfunfitness post), and though I’m still by no means the most graceful person in the class, I find myself inspired by point shoes, leotards, and velvet hair ribbons more than ever before.

Inspired by my new ballet class schedule, I put together a little “ballerina off-duty” look inspired by none other than Centre Stage, the cheesy movie that started it all. Complete with classic Repetto ballet flats, my new favourite denim jacket from CONVEY, and a blush silk dress from Maccs, I was ready to go from the barre to the bar (or something like that!)













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Dress Up

Whether you want it or not, Fall is on the way. I know, it’s sad to think of saying goodbye to the the sunshine, but I can’t help but feel semi-excited about pumpkin spice treats, hot tea, and Fall fashion!

Oh Fall fashion, you perfect amazing wardrobe transforming force. The scarves! The boots! The jackets! I’ve ranted again and again about how I despise the cold, but even I will admit that those few precious weeks of real, crisp Fall weather are total heaven. There’s nothing quite like the crunch of Autumn leaves under your loafers, or taking a new pair of wool tights out of the package to pair with your favourite long sleeve dress. Fall has always been a transformative time for me style-wise (I loved having a new look for the new school year), but one item that has remained steadfast every year since I was 16 years old was the trench coat.

As embarrassing as it is, I fell in love with Breakfast at Tiffany’s by way of Gossip Girl the summer I turned 16. Not the Gossip Girl TV show, that was much later, but the actual books! Blair loved Breakfast at Tiffany’s, so I loved Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and though my love affair with Gossip Girl faded shortly after, my love for Audrey Hepburn and her nameless cat never faltered. Anyway, that Fall way back when I saved up my back to school shopping budget and splurged on a classic beige trench from Aritzia. It reminded my of Audrey with her classic elegance, and I lived in it that Autumn (well actually, every single one after until the coat literally disintegrated.)

Seriously, it basically broke down into threads and pieces of fabric, but in all fairness I wore it nonstop for TEN YEARS! I knew I couldn’t stretch it another year, so when I turned 26 this year I went out to Club Monaco (the queen of classic chic) and picked out this perfect peachy number. It was weird to upgrade, but after searching for the perfect replacement for so long it felt like something I needed to do! Paired with platforms and a cute new romper, this outfit actually makes me super excited for Fall. How about you?










Trench and Onesie from Club Monaco, Platform Shoes by Miu Miu, Bag by Kate Spade, Umbrella from American Apparel, Hair clips via Eternally in Amber


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Dress Up

All summer I dreaded the day I’d have to return to wearing pants over shorts, long sleeves over tank tops and tights with my dresses, but now that the season is starting to shift I find myself surprisingly, well, excited!

One of the things that got me thinking chilly weather might not be such a bad thing was shopping at Negarin while I was in LA last month. My favourite store on the Abbott Kinney strip, this shop is always bursting with pastel magic, and everything from their coats to sunglasses is just gorgeous. I walked out with a little pink dress (shown in my red carpet look), a white silk bow blouse, and the best pink trousers ever. Sadly I couldn’t actually wear my new treasures in Cali because it was too warm, but when the brisk wind came in here in Toronto I knew my time had come. Topped off with dainty jewels, black mules, and a cute vegan bucket bag from Harvey’s, it was the perfect transitional look!

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Dress Up

Do you remember skorts? Growing up I always wanted to be in pretty skirts and dresses, but I was crazy active and messy and all over the place, so my mom always tried to trick me into wearing skorts. I hadn’t really revisited the idea since until I came across this blush skort at Forever21 a few weeks ago, and this time no one had to trick me into putting it on.

Can I just say that skorts are my new favourite thing? Paired with a cute crop top, tights, and an oversized vintage sweater, this outfit is the perfect combination of comfy and cute. I still prefer dresses and skirts to pants even now, and it turns out skorts are a perfect happy medium, especially this time of year. Why should you have to choose between a skirt and shorts, right?









Top and Skort via Forever21, vintage sweater, boots via BC Footwear, Watch via Daniel Wellington

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