Dear Diary

It’s already been awhile since Jo and I first moved into #ThePastelPalace, and though we’ve put a lot of work into it there are still quite a few small details we’d love to update and change. Que the Spring cleaning daydreaming! From installing swan faucets to creating the most enchanting tiny outdoor space, we’re full of ideas about how our home will evolve, and we thought it probably made sense to put some of our favourite pieces alongside photos that inspire us here on the blog.

Some of our key goals are to declutter as much as we can, to add a fresh coat of paint to some of our more worn down pieces of furniture, and to add as many plants as possible- seriously, plants everywhere!

What are your house goals for Spring 2016?


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All images via. Pinterest

Dear DiaryDress Up

Paige and I have been totally obsessing over the weekend to-do’s in the new planners, and we’re doing our best to stay on top of the directions every week. When we read “Clean your house in roller skates” a few Saturdays back, we got a little bit too excited. We’d been on the lookout for a reason to borrow some of Char Ziie’s incredible painted roller skates, and had just handed us the perfect excuse.

Paige and I love cleaning of all sorts (personally I’m a big fan of dishes), but our favourite department to keep clean and tidy is most definitely our wardrobes. There’s something so satisfying about a perfectly organized closet where clothing is kept protected, clean, and ideally nicely scented. For us, there’s nothing more fun than sifting through clothing to reorganize, re-merchandise, and reinvent, and since we truly love it that much, we wanted to share some of our favourite tips with you!


1 // Colour code! There’s nothing more fun than a perfectly colour coded wardrobe, especially when you own a ton of different colours!

2 // Showcase your favourite seasonal pieces in creative ways around your apartment, like on a special rolling rack, on sequin hangers on a curtain rod, or even just hanging on a wall hook like art!

3 // Do a monthly closet clean out, and if you haven’t worn something in the last month, put it in a special section. If another month goes by and you still haven’t worn it, take it down to your local thrift shop and say goodbye. Clutter is the enemy of clean closets.

4 // If you buy something and don’t wear it within the week, exchange it. New clothing is like a new relationship: if you aren’t excited about it in the beginning, you won’t be excited about it later.

5 // Scent your clothing with your favourite signature perfume to keep everything fresh and ready to grab on the go. Plus, every time you look for something to wear you’ll be overwhelmed with a burst of fragrance!

*Bonus points if you’re able to wear rollerskates!


Get Creative


When I posted about Spring cleaning with my home made all-natural lavender lemon cleaner on Instagram a couple weeks ago, I was surprised at how many comments I received asking about it. Making all purpose cleaner is super affordable, more eco-friendly than most store bought formulas, and you can even use it to refill an old cleaner spray bottle that you’ve used up to minimize your impact even further. I like to make a big batch and fill mason jars with the extra cleaner for refills, or gift bottles to my friends. (scroll down for the recipe!)




All you really need to make this wonder product is white vinegar, borax powder, water, and essential oils. I use lavender and lemon in my cleaner to boost the anti-bacterial properties, and create a fresh and delicious smell, but you can use essential oils to create pretty much any scent you like (I’m thinking of trying mint next time!) Simply mix half a cup of vinegar with two teaspoons of Borax powder (available at most health food stores) and eight cups of water. Stir the ingredients until the borax is dissolved, then add about 6 drops of essential oil (depending on how strong you want the scent to be) to the mixture, and pour into an empty spray bottle.

That’s it! You can use this cleaner anywhere you’d like (I find it works especially well on mirrors and countertops). Let me know what scents you’re experimenting with if you give the recipe a try!




Photography by Brianne Burnell