Dear Diary

After a strange and exhausting year, most of us are ready to throw in the towel and kick our feet up – but staying home to recharge doesn’t have to mean missing out on the most wonderful time of the year. Instead of getting swept up in the holiday hustle and bustle, I’m focusing on two things: Get cozy, and gift cozy.

Since moving to BC back in March, I’ve learned a lot about getting back to my West Coaster roots, and a big part of that has been rediscovering my love for lululemon! Growing up when the brand first launched, everyone I knew grew up in lululemon leggings because they were comfortable, well made, and designed right here in Vancouver! Turns out while I was away in Toronto growing up, lululemon was growing too, and their stores are now stocked with everything from soft knitwear and luxe sweatpants to velvet tank tops and cute makeup bags (and of course, they still make the best leggings in the business). I have basically lived in lululemon since moving back, so when I started making my Christmas list for the ones I love in BC and beyond, it only made sense to start at my favourite store!

With free shipping and returns on every order, extended gift return options, curbside pickup, and free video chat shopping assistants available to answer any questions you might have about fits and fabrics, lululemon has made it easier than ever to stay home, stay safe, and still get your shopping done. Need to stock up on stuffing stuffers? Shop small gifts here! Can’t spend too much? There are plenty of options under $100 here! Need some inspiration? Just scroll down!

If there’s one thing I love to do, it’s curating gifts for the people I love – I’m not ashamed to admit I’m the person who keeps a gift idea list for all their friends and family year-round! Instead of doing a gendered guide or splitting my picks into personality types, I’ve put together my tried and true favourite items, plus some top picks for my loved ones here in Vancouver (essentially, my Christmas list meets theirs!)

1 // Pink Mittens

2 // Alpine AirKnit Finger Gloves

3 // Alpine Air Beanie

4 // All Yours Fleece Crew

5 // All Yours Tee

6 // Everywhere Belt Bag

7 // Warm Down Jogger

8 // City Sweat Pullover Hoodie

9 // Smooth Seamless Hipster Panties

10 // Flow Y Bra

11 // Align Legging

Other items featured in photos //

Love Crew T-Shirt (shown in “Briar Rose”)

Daily Stride No Show Sock Set

Cates Cropped Tee

At Ease Crew

Perfectly Oversized Crew (shown in “trench”)

5 Year Basic Tee

Baller Hat (shown in “pink pastel”)

This sponsored post was created in partnership with lululemon, but all opinions are my own. #ad