Dear DiaryDress Up

One of the best things about summer here in Toronto is the cycling culture. Though we’re not the best for bike lanes and we have a horrible reputation for bike theft, the love for cycling is alive and well in our city, and both Jo and I love getting around on two wheels.

A particularly rough winter left Jo’s bike from last summer unusable, and my frame was stripped down late one night to a point where it wasn’t worth it to rebuild, so when this summer rolled around we had, well, no way to roll around.

After a bit of window shopping we decided to put our cycling needs into the trustworthy, grease-covered hands at Curbside Cycle. Known by many as “the friendliest bike shop in Toronto”, this large shop in the Annex is filled with pastel accessory goodness and dreamy bikes galore. With the help of Curbside’s lovely staff we both walked in on two legs and rolled out on two wheels.

After much deliberation we picked twinning team bikes in shades of mint, though Johanna stuck to a more classic style (The Crosby) and I insisted on a speedy fixie (The Victor). Of course hints of pink and gold were non-debatable, so we spiced up our rides with shiny bells, a perfect pastel pink basket, and the cutest pink lights ever. I even sprung for a rose gold cup holder for my handlebars, because well, there is no such thing as too much rose gold!

What do all of those ingredients make when paired with #TeamRAOP and some really cute sneakers? A pastel girl gang on two wheels, ready to roll through the city and fill it with summer fun! Make sure you ding your bell if you see us coast by?

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All clothing via, shoes via VANS, all bike accessories via Curbside Cycles