Dear Diary

And just like that, it’s finally here. I feel like I’ve been living in #Heaveninhighpark for years and years, but the truth is I worked pretty hard to have it ready for a reveal this quickly. I knew the only person who could truly bring the space to life was Scarlet Oneill and with her baby on the way (due any second) I knew we had a bit of a time crunch!

I have waited so many years to really pour myself into a space that I knew I’d be able to call home and grow into for years to come, so I really went all out when I moved into #heaveninhighpark. I had the privilege of working with so many dreamy creators and retailers in my city and beyond, and watching everything come together as my friends and I scrambled to build furniture, hang light fixtures and paint the flooring upstairs white (yes, that happened) was one of the best experiences of my life so far.

I don’t want to give too much away because you can read all about it on The Glitter Guide here, but I’ve shared some of my favourite snaps from the shoot and listed all of my brand partners below!










raop_home065 (1)

raop_home056 (1)



raop_home240 (1)


Photos by Scarlet Oneill

A very special thanks to:

Toronto Pro Moving for getting me here

Home Depot Canada for providing the marble kitchen counter, cupboards, painting DIY supplies and for the always helpful Tool Rental Counter.

King size mattress and pillows from Leesa

Delta Canada for the bathroom and kitchen faucet and accessories

CB2 for furniture

Rainbow Symphony for the rainbow window decals

Wall decals in pantry, bathroom and laundry room from Urban Walls

Mashi Moosh for Moroccan accents

House plants & curation by Wildhood

Simple Human garbage and recycling bins, smart mirror & smart soap dispenser

Google for Nest and Home

Make Moves Vintage for chandeliers and custom made headboard

Dear Diary

I don’t want to give too much away because my official #heaveninhighpark home tour goes live somewhere super special THIS WEEK (keep your eyes out!) but I couldn’t help but share a sneak peek.

The last few apartments I’ve lived in I never bothered to throw a housewarming party. It’s not that I wasn’t proud of each space, because in every place I’ve lived I’ve added my own special touches, but I never truly felt like I had a home worth celebrating (never mind one that would fit everyone I care about!)

When I moved into #HeaveninHighPark everything felt totally different – I knew I was finally home. After a month of intensive decorating, painting, furniture shopping and art hanging I was finally ready to show off the space, and went to town planning a big housewarming party to celebrate this next step in my life with all of my nearest and dearest.

Just like the apartment itself, this pastel party came together so perfectly and I don’t think I’ve ever agreed so clearly that home is where the heart is. I seriously can’t wait to show you guys the rest SO SOON!

Special thanks to our event sponsors:
Ace Hill for Beer
Hey Y’all Spiked Iced tea
Fresh Wines
Subway for catering
Balloon Bar for Installations
Wildhood for florals

S/O to Delta for making our sink of drinks look extra pretty with that dreamy gold faucet!