Dress Up


One of the best parts of focusing on blogging has been the incredible connections I’ve made with artisans and makers right here in Toronto, and everywhere else! Though technology can feel a bit vast and sterile sometimes, lately I’ve been feeling the opposite: there are so many lovely online communities and charming folks out there! In fact, it was through Instagram that I met the lovely Tara-Lynn Morrison of Good Night, Day.

When I first got a message from Tara-Lynn, I was excited but also a little bit nervous. I’d seen her gorgeous knitwear all over the city, and I was super intimidated by her! Once we started chatting of course, it quickly became clear that we were both a little awkward and unsure, and a wonderful friendship began to form very quickly. Tara-Lynn knit me some of my favourite new pieces over the holidays, and when I returned from my trip home to Vancouver we continued to chat and share photos and articles back and forth.

A few weeks ago, Tara-Lynn and I decided to take our online friendship to the real world. She invited me over to her cozy apartment in Hamilton for a knitting lesson, and I couldn’t rsvp “yes!” fast enough!





I arrived at Tara-Lynn’s on a particularly blustery Thursday with a bag full of vegan chocolate chip cookies and some yarn. We spent the day curling our hair, drinking vegan chocolate cherry shakes, and knitting, which in my books is pretty much the perfect way to pass the time! Tara-Lynn had picked up a vegan chickpea mini pot pie for lunch (so delicious), and spoiled me with the cutest little hat I’ve ever seen (it’s like a toque with pompoms built in!) I even got to meet Tara’s delightful daughter Enid, who is probably the coolest human alive (she has green mermaid hair and she’s only 11!)

All in all, it was the perfect day, and by the time I left I had a whole bunch of new knitting knowledge, a gorgeous finished cowl, lots of warm fuzzies, and a new, real-life friend. Maybe living in the internet age isn’t to scary after all.






In the mood for some handmade knits? I thought you might be! Tara-Lynn has graciously extended a special 15% off code for all you lovely readers! Simply type in SPRINGISCOMING when you checkout.