Dear Diary

It’s funny how things come and go with time – time and priorities shift, and though something your passionate about may be top of mind for awhile, it’s all to easy to let good habits slip. In my case, I’m always struggling to make time for running, cooking, and music.

Growing up music was everything to me – I’d spend hours making playlists and scouring websites to put together the ultimate mixes. As time passed I started to slip, and soon I found myself listening to the same 5 albums on repeat simply because I didn’t have the energy to find something new.

With the shift of seasons I’ve been trying really hard to make some personal shifts in my daily life, and over the past couple weeks I’ve been diving back into music. I always loved record shopping, adding to my fairly extensive vinyl collection, so I hit some of my favourite local shops to see what was new!

The conclusion – I am SO happy I have started to “soundtrack” my life again! I’m back to building playlists, collecting vinyl, buying tickets to shows, and hunting down hard to find records online. That’s where Amazon comes in! I’m pleased to announce I’m now a member of the Associate Program, which means you can expect fun shoppable monthly posts from me, including seasonal playlists!

We’ll be officially kicking off my new music series next month, but for now I wanted to share a handful of records I’m listening to right now:

La La Land Soundtrack
The XX – I See You
Aidan Knight – Small Reveal
Milk & Bone – Little Mourning

and of course we’re always loving our cute Crosley Record Player!










Outfit Credits:
from Revolve
Birdies slippers

by Bing Bang

Dress Up

You might not believe it, but until this year I’d never been to TIFF. Originally from Vancouver, I didn’t really “get” the film festival thing, but when the invites rolled in this year I admit I was excited to see what it was all about.

Is it too corny to say I still have stars in my eyes? Over the past few days I’ve totally fallen for TIFF. The parties and celebs are cool enough, but what I’ve really become infatuated with is the amazing films. I had the pleasure of attending 3 different premiers with L’oreal Paris this year, and every time the credits rolled I was left in amazement. La La Land was enchanting Loving was heartfelt, and Arrival was just plain fantastic. I cried (a lot), laughed out loud again and again, and clapped till my hands hurt. It has been an unforgettable three days, and I can’t wait for you to see the movies yourselves when they’re released!

Another fun part of my TIFF celebrations was the Toronto Life Best Dressed party, an event celebrating the city’s most stylish. I was invited to attend, and I was so happy with my look that I thought I’d snap a few quick pics and make a little blog post before hitting the red carpet!

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