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I’ve been to The Madonna Inn for a super quick visit before, and a few short hours made a big impression- so big in fact that this time around team RAOP booked a sleepover.

We were really lucky to be able to plan the California trip of our dreams thanks to Expedia.ca, and they helped us with everything from the perfect convertible car rental to cruise around in, to hotel rooms at our top picks. The Madonna Inn was a necessary stop on our route, so we planned a mini road trip up the coast for 48 hours to explore, and quickly secured the “merry” room for our stay (because glitter wallpaper!)

Having a sleepover at The Madonna Inn was everything we had dreamed of and more. On the drive up we had the most amazing brunch at Malibu Farm and splashed around in the sea, and upon arrival we were given a bag of cookies with our room key. The room itself had original pink shag carpet and baby pink terry cloth bath robes hanging in the closet, the pool sat atop a hill above the resort bathing in hot pink spotlights, and when the sun went down Saturday night the steakhouse came alive with the most wonderful characters.

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After a quick moonlight dip in the hot tub Johanna and I got all dolled up and headed down to the main hotel building. We sipped on pink Long Island Iced Teas (even more dangerous than a regular Long Island- recipe coming soon!) as the live band played tune after tune, and to our surprise the hot pink dance floor quickly filled up with couples young and old. Some were clearly just having fun, but many of the couples knew every step, and by the end of the night we’d both had a lesson from a charming elderly gentleman- apparently we were “too pretty not to know how to properly dance.”

A little wobbly from one too many pink drinks and a whole bunch of dancing, we skipped back to our room and collapsed into the massive bed under a sparkling roof and gilded chandelier. In the morning we sipped fresh-pressed juice from The Madonna Inn’s signature iridescent goblets, and shared a massive piece of their bakery’s famous pink champagne cake. Then we packed up the car and waved goodbye, headed to Palm Springs but secretly wishing we could stay put in the magical pink world of The Madonna Inn forever.

I mean really, can you blame us?













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I'll Follow You Anywhere

When Paige and I were figuring out everything we needed to see during our trip to LA, there were a ton of options on the table, and we honestly didn’t know how we’d make it everywhere we hoped to go. In the end, we had to cut a few of our picks, but the Madonna Inn was never even up for debate.

The Madonna Inn was built in the late ’50s on the Central Coast of California, and has been turning heads and attracting pink lovers ever since. Quirky and strange, this legendary hotel has a massive hot pink and gold steakhouse, famous pink champagne cake, a blue and pink tennis court, and all sorts of crazy themed rooms. The creator, Alex Madonna, was once quoted as saying, “Anybody can build one room and a thousand like it. It’s more economical. Most places try to give you as little as possible. I try to give people a decent place to stay where they receive more than they are entitled to for what they’re paying. I want people to come in with a smile and leave with a smile. It’s fun.” And fun it was!

Our tight schedule made it impossible for us to stay the night at the Madonna Inn this time unfortunately, but we were able to play dress up in new clothing from the shop and stage a mini photo shoot before dinner. We sniffed the famous pink roses, sipped creamy pink cocktails, and briefly contemplated running away with a pink golf cart and driving off into the sunset. It was an evening to remember, and we’ll absolutely be back!