A Pastel Baby

Almost everyone can agree that shopping for baby and creating registries is one of the most exciting and fun parts of prepping for your little one’s arrival. The only problem? There is almost TOO MUCH to shop for.

I put so many hours into curating the perfect baby registry for my shower back in October, but the problem is I put so much energy into accumulating a collection of cute things, like knit hats with bunny ears and tiny ceramic rainbow wall art, that I didn’t spend any time thinking about the things my baby would actually need. Let’s face it: cute and sparkly is more fun than practical, but the problem is when baby Summer actually arrived earlier this year I was missing so many of the key basics I needed from day one. Believe it or not, tiny fuzzy bunny slippers were not an actual newborn essential!

A couple weeks after Summer was born my mom and I sat down and made a list of practical items that I had failed to predict I’d need, and from there we created a registry on BuyBuy BABY’s website. So many people wanted to bring Summer gifts after she was born, and this registry was both a place to keep track of the items we still needed and an easy link to share if someone asked for gift ideas. But why Buy Buy BABY? For starters, it’s surprisingly hard to find newborn essentials in small local shops – we searched for days around my neighbourhood, but most smaller stores only stock 0-3 months and up, which was way too big for Summer (and still is in some brands!) They also have really affordable pricing, which is crucial when it comes to items that baby might not fit for very long, and they offer a price match promise on registry items in case you see the item you want listed elsewhere for less. BuyBuy BABY also offers free personal shopping appointments with registry consultants, which I honestly wish I did before my shower so I could have had a more realistic list of needs for friends and family to help out with sooner rather than later!

Scroll down to find out what our essentials were in the first three months, and why!

Zipper Footies // I love a onesie with lots of cute buttons as much as the next mama, but they make diaper changes way more complicated, especially in the middle of the night. I quickly learned that sleepers with zippers are much more convenient for bedtime – we love these rainbow and shell designs!

Tiny Socks // It became an obsession for my entire family to find socks that would actually stay on Summer’s tiny toes. We searched everywhere and nothing would work! These little Gerber socks are the only thing that worked for us in the end – they’re crucial in the cold winter months and also help shoes stay on her feet!

Simple Undershirts // I had stocked up on so many cute outfits for Summer before she was born, but when it came time to put them on I realized how key simple layering bases were too. I got a pack of long sleeve onesies and short sleeves onesies and it made a big difference when getting her dressed.

Nail Scissors // Cutting a baby’s nails is a terrifying experience and proper newborn scissors designed for safely cutting their papery nails are key. I love these simple and effective Piyo Piyo scissors to get the job done.

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Snotsucker //  So many moms told me this was a must have but I didn’t get it until I had Summer and needed to help her clear out her nose! I chose this kit because it comes with saline spray and extra filters for the sucker too.

Musical Toys // I fought pretty hard against the idea of any sort of loud or obnoxious toys, but watching how Summer reacts to music made me a believer quick. I love this soft sunny pull toy so much – it’s colourful and fun but also beautifully designed.

A Place to Play // I spent hours setting up Summer’s room as the perfect place for her to play, but I didn’t plan for how much time we would spend together downstairs in the main floor. I wanted to create a safe place for her to hang out with me while I work, but since we have a big dog a traditional play mat setup wasn’t going to work for us. My solution was to order soft play tiles and playpen fencing to create a sectioned off area in my office just for her. For now it’s a secure spot to set up a swing and work on tummy time, but as she grows it will be filled with toys and books for independent play.

Tiny Cloths // My mom insisted I needed as many tiny cloths as possible when I was pregnant and preparing, and she was absolutely right! These cute cloths are great for burping, spit up, and any other little (or big) messes along the way.

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Other items you might need //

Bath Thermometer

Electric Nail File (if safety scissors still scare you)

Forehead Thermometer