Oh so Pretty

As you probably know, us Bicyclette girls love all things summer. We love picnics and beach days, sandals and bikinis, and most of all, we love hot pink nails and lips paired with a perfect California girl tan.

But as much as I love soaking up the rays, its become undeniable that baking on the beach isn’t actually healthy at all. Skin cancer rates are at an all time high, and though I love the look of a dark toasty tan, I also really want to stay safe and take care of myself too.






When the owner of Saul’s Beauty Shop, a cute local spot just minutes from Bicyclette, invited me to try out spray tan, I jumped at the opportunity. Just the words “spray tan” usually bring visions of orange celebs to my head, but Saul’s promised a totally natural look, and it seemed like a great alternative to skin damage and tan lines.

The service itself was a totally wonderful experience. Saul’s is clean and super cute with an amazing, friendly staff, a great selection of all-natural take home products, and excellent music to boot. The spray tan was a bit awkward at first (as being naked in front of total strangers can often be), but it sort of felt like I was doing yoga in a cloud of tropical scented mist. Oh, and the formula itself is sugar based! How sweet is that?







Post Spray Tan Essentials

Exfoliator // A great exfoliator can really help break up lines and blend darker spots post spray tan. We recommend Whish’s coconut milk exfoliating body wash, a product specifically formulated for tanning and spray tans that smells like a tropical vacation (available at Saul’s!)

Moisturizer // Give your new tan a boost with a shimmery moisturizer or body butter. Saul’s recommends Pacifica’s Coconut Crushed Pearl body lotion to give your skin that extra sparkle.

A Sweet Scent // Spray tans can leave your skin smelling a bit off at first, so perfume can be a welcome smell the day after you spray. Library of Flowers’ solid perfume in “Honeycomb” is the perfect beach bag essential, and it smells so good!

Hints of Pink // Nothing goes with a summer glow like hints of pink. We especially love hot pink NYX matte lipstick and Ban.do hair accessories!

Sun Screen // Don’t forget to wear sunscreen just because you have a base tan! Sun damage occurs whether you’re tanned or not, so covering yourself in a high SPF tanning lotion for a day at the beach is still super important. Alba’s sun products are cruelty-free, water resistant, and infused with antioxidants and nourishing ingredients, which makes them a beach bag favourite!

For more spray tan details, check out Saul’s super handy online guide!

Photos by Jason Matos