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Growing up I spent most of my winters at my grandparent’s house in Palm Springs, and though I don’t remember a lot, the few memories that I do have are bathed in sunshine and smiles. Learning to drive my grandpa’s golf cart, long dips in the pool, and trips to the flea market in search of treasures with my grandma: they’re moments I hope to never forget.

I hadn’t been back to Palm Springs since my childhood family vacations, but the #RAOPinCali trip seemed like the perfect time to revisit the past. It was more simple to book our trip in and out of LAX when we were organizing everything on Expedia.ca, so we opted to drive from the Madonna Inn down to Palm Springs for our last 24 hours instead of flying. We booked a pink and purple room at the oh-so-colourful Saguaro Hotel, and planned to do what Palm Springs is best for: lounge by the pool all day long.

But of course I’m far too energetic for that sort of thing, and though we spent most of our time within the rainbow walls of The Saguaro, we took free rental bikes for a morning adventure to explore the hotel’s surroundings.

We didn’t have a ton of time to pastel hunt, but the few sights we did see were worth the workout. First we headed to The Parker, a beautiful hotel property designed by Jonathan Adler a few blocks away. We treated ourselves to the most beautiful breakfast at Norma’s (one of the hotel’s restaurants-make sure you try the lemonade!) before exploring the lush maze-like grounds. After breakfast we went on a semi-epic search for “That Pink Door”, only to find it was just around the corner from our hotel all along. Hot, sweaty, and bicycled-out, we retired to the colourful pool deck at The Saguaro for the rest of the afternoon before hopping back in the car to hop a plane home.

I’ve used the word “perfect” in this series of vacation posts FAR too much, but that’s because everything about it really was so magical, and our relaxing time in Palm Springs was the best ending we could’ve hoped for. I can’t wait to see where our next colourful adventures take us… a pastel world tour perhaps?!
















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Fun pool accessories by Ban.do