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I have had a bit of an obsession with all things Mexico for SO many years, yet somehow I hadn’t taken the leap and booked myself a trip. I always admired my late grandmother’s treasures from her travels, the bright blankets and wicker baskets, and only in recent years did I start to recognize they were all Mexican artisan goods from her trips. The only time I got to visit was for a wedding with my family years ago at an all-inclusive in the middle of nowhere (in an area where the waves were too big to swim no less!) and it didn’t feel like Mexico, it felt like a weird bubble of America moved to a warmer place. That was my first and last all-resort vacation!

When the offer to join a friend on her family vacation to Sayulita with her Mom and Grandma came up, I said yes immediately – after all, I had a 2017 goal to say yes to any trip I was invited on! Plus, I’d heard amazing things about Sayulita, a surfer’s heaven hidden deep in the jungle outside Puerto Vallarta, and I was pretty desperate to see it for myself.

It’s hard to put this amazing little village into words – it’s so small but there is SO much life and colour! Picture a paradise where you walk around in a bikini, margarita in hand and sun beaming down on your face, occasionally stopping for the BEST FOOD EVER, and you’re picturing Sayulita – and it doesn’t stop there. On top of the best Huevos Rancheros you will ever taste, this town has a truly inspiring crafts community and the friendliest people you could ever come by. I immediately felt right at home and within the first day we’d established a group of “friends” that we bumped into all week. There’s a ton of vegetarian friendly fare, the dogs run wild but they all have owners and the local shelter does free spay and neutering, and most restaurants don’t use straws in an effort to keep plastic out of the ocean. I felt so lucky to be able to share in such a magical place, to connect with so many locals and fellow travellers and dance under the stars almost every single night to live music. I get a smile on my face just thinking about it.

From surfing (/falling a lot) with my amazing friends at Sayulita Cruz Surf Camp to spending all my money at Evoke The Spirit, I ended up with a way bigger guide to this tiny village than I ever thought possible, and I’m thrilled to share it with you!

Scroll down for my full list!




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Where to Shop //

Evoke The Spirit
Révolucion del Sueño
Mura Bags
Pom Pom Market! This is right near the bridge in the middle of town and you can’t miss it.

Where to Surf //

There are a ton of surf schools in Sayulita, but none come close to Sayulita Cruz Surf Camp in my books. Some of my very best days were spent on day trips to empty beaches in their surf van, and though I’m FAR from any good I definitely got better with their help. I can’t wait to get back and hit the waves with them again!

Where to Eat //

Choco Banana
Mary’s Tacos
La esperanza surf cafe
KM 5 Surf Bar
Blue Corn Mama Cafe
Wakika Paletas

Where to Dance & Drink //

Don Pato’s
Atico Breakfast Cafe
Palmar Trapiche
Frente al Punto

Where to Stay //

Hotel Vista Oceana (right on the beach)
El Pueblito De Sayulita (amazing pool!)









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Special thank you to Fido for their amazing #FidoRoam plan – it makes daily travel data rates so easy with no hidden fees!