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Hooray, we did it! The Pastel Pool Party was a huge hit last night, and though we were terrified it might thunder shower, we managed to escape the rain! While we (im)patiently wait to see photos, we’ll be posting a whole bunch of posts relating to the party with instructions for how to throw your own! Here’s one of my favourites:

With the Pastel Pool Party only days away, things were getting a little crazy around Studio B! To give you an idea of what was going on in our daily lives, we had to rent a van to pick up a massive number of balloons, we’re spent our Saturday making party favours, and there was glitter and confetti everywhere all the time. Basically we were living in a vortex of crazy busy magic making, and though it was a bit stressful, it was mostly just exciting!
We decided pretty early on that glitter and gold would be strong “colour” themes at the pastel pool party, so the next logical step was to figure out that we could glitterize. We decided to paint my bar cart from Ikea and add some gold table setting touches, but we strongly felt that more glitter was necessary. When we came across perfectly milky pastel utensils on a party store road trip, Paige and I immediately knew what we were missing!

Adding some gold sparkle to your party utensils is super easy and fun, and even if things get a little messy they look adorable all the same.

What You’ll Need //

*Plastic party utensils and cups
*Spray adhesive
*Martha Stewart gold glitter

1// Spray each utensil and cup with adhesive and wait until the glue is quite tacky. If you’re planning on actually using the utensils, make sure to cover rims of cups and eating ends of forks with plastic so the adhesive doesn’t touch those areas!

2// Carefully pour the glitter over the areas where you sprayed the adhesive and shake to remove excess

Ta-da! You’ve got yourself some super fancy cutlery and cups that just can’t wait to party!


Sips, Sweets & Snacks

We firmly believe that cocktails are a must for any soiree, but something simple like gin and tonics or vodka waters just won’t do! Making themed, fancy drinks and dressing up a bar cart is one of our favourite parts about throwing parties, so figuring out cocktail recipes was the first order of business on our list when it came to planning our Pastel Pool Party!

Poolside lounging is pretty synonymous with cute tropical drinks, and we really wanted to bring some fun elements into these cocktails to channel that pairing. We teamed up with BYOB, an amazing cocktail accessory shop down the street from Bicyclette, and they provided some amazing syrups and mixes for us to experiment with. We also picked up a few bottles of gin from Dillon’s, a local distillery that makes wonderful spirits, plus some fruit, sparkling water, and of course pink champagne. Here’s what we came up with when we put everything together for our tiki cocktails!




Gin Tiki Twist // 

Spicy and refreshing, this drink is perfect for hot sunny days spent in a bikini with a couple of your closest friends. 
1 shot Dillon’s Gin
1 shot Lab Sirop Artisinal Tiki 1930
1/2 shot White Whale ‘The Filthy Liar’ Mixer
Sparkling Water
Tropical Fruit to garnish

Stir the gin and syrups together in your favourite cocktail glass, then top it off with sparkling water (to the rim) and garnish with tropical fruit of your choosing!













Cotton Candy Colada // 
Sweet and pretty, this bubbly cocktail’s garnish slowly melts into the drink, sweetening it as you sip! 
5 shots Owl’s Brew Coco-Lada Mixer
Pink Champagne
Cotton Candy
Measure out the Coco-Lada and pour it into your favourite champagne glass, then top it off with pink champagne (to the rim) and garnish with a fluff of cotton candy!










Photos by Paige Boersma