Get Creative

In case you haven’t noticed already from Instagram, Bicyclette and I have been working on a ton of fun summer projects together. We’ve got plans involving everything from unicorns to pool parties in the works, and we can’t wait to let you in on the magic.

This weekend we’re taking a road trip to one of the most beautiful spots in Ontario for a very special photo shoot, and we figured pearl sunglasses were the perfect addition to our sea-inspired (hint hint) outfits. While dreaming and scheming at for the shoot at Studio B last week, we whipped up this super simple DIY, and just couldn’t help making it into a post to share with all of you!


What You’ll Need // 

  • Pearls. Available at any craft store, we opted for a variety of sizes.
  • Sunglasses. Any style and shape will work, depending on the look you’re going for.
  • Glue Gun.


1 // Use the glue gun to make dots along the frame of the sunglasses where you want the pearls to sit. We’d recommend doing it pearl-by-pearl so the glue doesn’t have time to harden before you attach the pearls.


2 // Attach the pearls to the frame in whatever design you’ve decided on. You can keep it simple and just use the pearls as an accent, like Alyssa did here, or you can embellish the frames the entire way around, which is what we did for the shoot.

Et voila! Quite possibly the easiest project ever, you’ve now got yourself a pair of DIY pearl sunglasses, so go ahead and channel your inner mermaid.


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