Party Time

And so it begins… the #TeamRAOP girls are taking over! Johanna enlisted the help of Mari to put together the ultimate PJ Pizza party, and they totally aced it. I’ve been trying to eat as plant-based as possible, so I handed off this particular pizza challenge to our resident junk food queens, and they didn’t disappoint! Here’s what Mari had to say about the mini party:

There are few things better than thin-crust pizza straight out of the oven. That’s why when Dr. Oetker Ristorante offered to send us five pizzas, we jumped at the chance to host a Pastel Pizza PJ Party, complete with our very own pastel pizza party banner.

Admittedly, I had my doubts about store-bought pizza (OK, I’m a pizza snob), but one bite of Spinach & Provolone changed my mind.

This stuff is seriously delicious and it was surprisingly easy to get through all of the pizzas in one sitting (oops). Could it be the thin crust? The legit gourmet toppings? The fact that macarons, chocolate covered pretzels and gummy bears were waiting patiently to be eaten for dessert? Probably a combo of all those things.

To wash it all down, the most perfect pizza pairing cocktails- white wine spritzers with frozen strawberries!

Want to have a #DrOPizzaParty of your very own? Scroll to the bottom of the post to create your own Pastel Pizza Party banner!









Fold a piece of large-medium size paper in half vertically so it’s long and skinny. I used a piece that was 18″ x 20″.

Using a ruler and a pencil, draw a line that connects the bottom corner of the paper to the fold. Measure along open bottom how big you’d like your banner flags to be. I used 5 inches. Mark your spot and draw another line connecting back to the fold so you make an equilateral triangle. Repeat this step over and over until you have enough flags.

Choose 3 or more colours of paint and a small flat bristle paint brush. First make a broad sweeping motion across the wide part of your triangle for the ‘crust’ then hold your paint brush straight up and down with a fair amount of paint on it. Keeping it in one position rotate it around in a circle – practice makes perfect!

When your pizza flags are dry use a tacky liquid glue to adhere them equal distances apart on a ribbon. Wait for everything to dry and hang it up for your next Pastel Pizza PJ Party!






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Party Time

As you may or may not know, I recently embarked on a month-long vegan challenge, and in the end the one thing that undid my willpower was pizza.

I’m a junk food queen in general, but when it comes to pizza I can get a little bit out of control (as in I’ll order myself an entire pizza and devour it in one sitting over a few episodes of Sex and The City). Basically if there’s pizza involved, I’m there, and I’ll take any excuse to throw a pizza party. Luckily, Panago just launched six new fall pizzas, so a perfect excuse fell right into my lap- pizza sampling anyone?

Throwing a pizza party is super simple- all you have to do is order a bunch of pies, invite some friends over, and stock up on pretty plates and napkins. That said, we’re not really into basic here at RAOP, so we added sparkling pink lemonade, florals, and pops of colour to the mix. We decided to call it the #pastelpizzaparty, and it was sort of the best Saturday afternoon ever.






Want to win free pizza for a whole year? Try Panago’s six new specialty pizzas and post about your favourite on social media (I’m clearly on team #veggiemed) with the hashtag #PanagoChallenge! You can even try them with Diaya cheese if you’ve mastered being vegan (unlike me). Click here for more information and contest details.

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Party Supplies via Meri Meri