Oh so Pretty

I’ve been dyeing my hair pastel colours for years now, and though it’s a lot of work, I’ve come to really appreciate the time I spend blending colours and playing around with different formulas. That said, I’m always open to anything that will make the process easier, and that’s just what Tinge brings to the table (erm, shower?)

Tinge is a pastel conditioner line that’s lovingly made in San Francisco. Cruelty-free and non-damaging, it comes in turquoise, purple, silver, pink, and peach, and rinses out in 3-5 washes, making it the perfect pastel beginner product line. The best part? It’s almost impossible to mess this colour up! As long as your hair is bleached to a light enough shade, you’ll end up with perfect pastel hair every time. You can even keep using Tinge in the shower to maintain the colour, or let it fade to an even more powdery hue.

I wanted to try a handful of Tinge colours all at once, so I got my good friend/hair guru/pastel intern Johanna to donate her head for experimentation. Johanna and I have been doing our hair together since the very beginning (she’s the person who taught me the secrets of pastel hair!) so I knew she’d be up for the task.Tinge7




I tried out the silver, but because I already had faded pink Manic Panic in my hair, it turned a super pretty smokey purple-grey shade, which is fading nicely into silvery lavender magic after only one wash. Johanna tried out the mint, the pink, and the purple, and though the purple and pink didn’t show up quite as much as we’d hoped, the turquoise was totally perfect, and according to her report today-“The mint in my hair faded really nicely- good fade quality.”


Overall first impressions? These are great colours to play around with if you’re scared of at home hair dye, or just want an easy temporary change without too much commitment. What are you waiting for? Get your Tinge on!

*Note: Some or all of the items featured in this post were given to me as a gift from the maker, but I only write about products I genuinely adore, I promise!*

Oh so Pretty

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the best beauty writer. Easily drawn in by pretty packaging, design details, and cutesy names, I always have way more products on hand than I actually really need, and as a result my skin suffers.

Thank goodness Glossier came along to make everything so much more simple.




Glossier is the skin-perfecting cosmetic child of Into The Gloss, and it aims to put “Skin first, makeup second”. With a handy “phase 1” set that includes toner, priming moisturizer, multi-purpose balm, and perfecting skin tint, they’ve come up with everything you need to get perfect, smooth, blemish-free skin.

When my Glossier package first arrived (note: they currently only ship within the U.S., so you’ll have to use a friend’s address over the border or wait it out) I was pretty skeptical. Sure the packaging was pretty and the products came with a sheet of stickers, but would they really work?

The answer in short, is yes. My skin has never been better, and I love how straightforward the set of products is. Even the balm has blown me out of the water by keeping my lips smooth and crack-free all winter, something I had previously only ever dreamed of.
I can’t wait to see what skin goodness Glossier adds to their roster next- these pretty masks look oh-so dreamy!




*Note: Some or all of the items featured in this post were given to me as a gift from the maker, but I only write about products I genuinely adore, I promise!*