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Okay so I’ve finally managed to get this together- so sorry for the delay! I had such a fantastic time in Las vegas, but I really didn’t do any of the normal Vegas things (ie. I never stepped foot in a club).Long story short, I wanted to share some of my favourite spots for those of you looking for a similarly off the grid experience next time you visit.

My biggest tip would be to take a day and walk all the way down the strip to downtown- you’ll find a seemingly endless array of wedding chapels, quirky gift shops, and run down pastel motels (often abandoned) along the way. It’s the best route to really see the city if that’s what you’re after, and don’t worry, there’s a bus you can hop on if you find you can’t stand the desert heat.

As far as actual shops, restaurants, and attractions go, Here’s a little roundup of my favourite finds:

Food and Drinks

Grassroots Juice Bar– healthy and delicious, this juice bar lives in a beautiful refurbished building downtown, and it’s the best spot to get a massive healthy smoothie after a night (or day) of drinking.

O Face Donuts– Located right next door to Grassroots, O face offers all sorts of deep-fried delights. We tried the cinnamon toast crunch “fork and knife” donut, but there are so many  incredible rotating artisan flavours (like rosewater pistachio, Pina Colada Fritter, and Mexican Chocolate w/ Horchata Pudding). The best part? They have Vegan donuts on offer too!

Shake Shack– An NYC favourite, the veggie burger here is a cheese-stuffed mushroom cap that’s been deep fried, and it is way too good. Pair it with fresh fries and a frozen custard shake, and you’ve got yourself the perfect Las Vegas lunch.

Any of the restaurants at The Wynne– Okay so the Wynne is very fancy (they wouldn’t let us into the buffet because Emmett was in a tank top), so make sure you cover up a bit before heading over, but other than that it’s a vegetarian diner’s dream. Every restaurant in the hotel offers a separate vegetarian/vegan menu, and they’re very sensitive to dietary restrictions. If you don’t want to get too gussied up, check out the poolside patio at the Terrace Point Cafe (my favourite breakfast on the strip by far).

Javier’s Cantina– Mexican food at it’s best. I highly recommend the strawberry margaritas, nachos, mushroom spinach enchiladas… okay pretty much everything!




Entertainment (aka FUN)

The Chandelier Bar– a truly magical experience, this cocktail bar lets you lounge and sip inside of a giant crystal chandelier. If you’re feeling adventurous ask for the secret drink with the magical flower- it doesn’t disappoint!

The Polaroid Museum– located in the new Linq hotel (one of my favourites design-wise), this museum is totally free, and it’s filled with amazing old polaroids and rainbow decor. Definitely a must-see for photo nerds.

The Neon Boneyard (aka Neon Museum)– If I had to make you do only one thing in Vegas, this would definitely be it. Not only is it a wonderful photo op, it’s also a great chance to learn about the epic history of Las Vegas, plus the design and skill behind those old neon signs. Just make sure you buy your tickets in advance- you have to take a guided tour, and they’re often sold-out.

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM– the novelty of an atm that presents little pink boxes containing cupcakes can never really get old, right?

The Flamingo Hotel– Though it’s a little run-down compared to the other hotels on the strip, the Flamingo is super charming, and there’s so much pink everywhere you turn! Explore the tropical gardens, wander through the bright casino, and if you’re not afraid to spend a bit be sure to stop into the big flamingo-filled gift shop.

Britney Spears– okay so I didn’t actually get to go to this, but how could it not be amazing right? Someone report back! Please



Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!

Dress Up

I’ve been spacing out my Las Vegas photos in an effort to tide myself over until warmer weather hits Toronto, and though that still seems a bit far out, it’s definitely been helpful to have sunny times to reflect on these past few weeks.

With only one set of photos left after this one (which will accompany a city guide, I promise!) I can’t help but worry another vacation might be needed sooner than I think. Sunshine, won’t you please pay our fair city a visit?

Anyway, while we wait for warm beams to rain down upon us, here is some hot weather inspiration from my visit to the Flamingo hotel, one of the last remaining Las Vegas classics left on the strip.

With tropical greens all around the property, vintage-style signage, and pink literally everywhere (even the glass windows in the towers are pink), it’s easy to see why this hotel won my heart. I fit right in amongst my new pink-feathered friends!













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So somehow the temperature here in Toronto has dropped once again, even though it’s supposed to be the first week of Spring! Though it’s a little disheartening, I’m trying to stay hopeful and excited- it can’t be winter forever, right?

While I wait for the season of short gingham shorts and floral sundresses (shivering in bed with a cup of tea all the while), I’ve been spending a lot of time going through the 100’s of photos I snapped on my impromptu Las Vegas vacation. Needless to say, there are quite a few sunny photo posts coming your way!

I decided to follow my first pink outfit post with some sign love from the Neon Boneyard. This place is a must-see in Vegas, and it has given me so much inspiration for the RAOP rebrand I’ve started to work on. I hope you enjoy the sunny pastel goodness as much as I have these past few chilly days.




















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So a few weeks ago I found myself feeling completely destroyed by the winter blues with no end in sight. I felt truly hopeless- my usual sunny cheerfulness was replaced by nonstop doom and gloom, and getting out of bed each day seemed almost unbearable.

So, I did what any logical adult woman with a ton of work and responsibilities on the go would do. I booked a four day trip to Las Vegas with Emmett and hopped a plane to the desert sunshine.

In retrospect I’ll admit, it was a bit kooky, but it turns out Vegas had everything I needed to cheer myself up, including but not limited to massive buffets, vintage pastel motels, fancy slushie drinks, hot sun, and gigantic swimming pools (RAOP city guide coming very soon!)

Instead of spending our trip clubbing we went exploring, and on our way we found all sorts of treasures, including a totally pink motel with a wedding chapel out front. Of course we had to stop for an impromptu photo shoot!