Dear Diary

Do you ever find yourself avoiding workouts with the excuse “if I only had more time”? What if you could run 10k without wasting even a moment?

Though I genuinely enjoy working out, I’ve been busier than ever the past few months, and my beloved runs and workout classes have slowly slipped lower and lower on my priority list. When Adidas invited me to participate in their #RunMore 10k I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Starting at 1am November 1st, this race is built around the moment when the clocks turn back- in other words, you run for an hour, but lose no time at all! It’s essentially like running back in time, and with nothing to lose, how could I not jump at the chance? Apparently a couple other people agreed too: the run is all sold out already (but you can still find out about future events here.)

What do runners do with extra time on our hands? We run more. Hope I see you guys out there this weekend!






Dress Up

I first wrote about Dear Kate on XO Jane when they came to my rescue with their magical (and cute) period panties. The victim of heavy bleeding and frequent leaks, I felt so lucky to have found a company that seemed to understand my woes. I bought a whole bunch of pairs, and I’ve been wearing them gleefully each month since.

To my delight, Dear Kate recently approached me about an amazing new project they’re working on, and I couldn’t be more excited. Introducing, Dear Kate yoga pants.

These aren’t just any yoga pants though. They are the yoga pants to end all yoga pants! Created with care by a talented team of women, these yoga pants were built based on a survey Dear Kate created to find out what women are really looking for in yoga wear. They are made with special high-tech fabric that’s both thick (so it’s never see-through) and breathable, and they’re essentially camel toe proof thanks to special attention to design and stitching. They have a hidden key pocket, a thick waistband, come in plus sizes and three different lengths (shorts, thigh, ankle), and best of all, they’ve been engineered so that you can go commando. That’s right, no underwear needed.





Okay, so maybe you’ve been going commando this whole time anyway. What’s the big deal right? Well, these pants have a special lining for maximum absorption, and the stitching was carefully placed so wedgies and uncomfortable chafing can’t occur. In short, you can feel totally safe in the buff with these miracle pants, even if you never have before.

So how do you get a pair of these wonder pants anyway? Well, since you asked… you can help fund Dear Kate’s Kickstarter! I was sent a special sample pair to test out and give feedback on, and so far the only feedback I have is “I want more!!!” I’m not the only one that feels that way either: the customer response so far has been overwhelming, in fact Dear Kate’s goal was doubled on the first day, but with only ten days to go, they need all the help they can get to make these pants a reality. Plus, if they hit 10k, they’re making the pants with super cute contrast stitching!


So go ahead, treat yourself to a pair (or three), or gift someone you know will love them as much as I do. We all deserve to let loose and #gocommando once and awhile!

*Note: Some or all of the items featured in this post were given to me as a gift from the maker, but I only write about products I genuinely adore, I promise!*