Dress Up

I’ve had a pretty serious crush on Fortnight for years now.

A local company (their studio is down the street from me) with impeccable designs, this lingerie company makes the prettiest underthings with great support and minimal underwire. One of the only brands I know of that actually does all of their manufacturing right here in the city, it’s very clear these skivvies are made with love down to the very last stitch.

I’m always excited to see what dusty colours and exquisite lace patterns Fortnight will release each new season, but Spring 2015 might just be my favourite so far. Showcased in a gorgeous botanical conservatory, the delicate blue lace and peachy silk perfectly contrasts with the lush green surroundings in the photos.

I’m already longing for the Ara Peach Romper and the baby blue long line set, and with Valentine’s day right around the corner, I might just have to get my paws in a piece or two!






All images courtesy of Fortnight

Dress Up

Finally, after a winter of almost mythical lengths, Spring is actually truly, really here. I’ve been able to start working on my yard project and have planted a bunch of veggie seedlings (posts on that coming soon), and I’ve even been able to leave my house with bare legs once or twice. My favourite part of the season though? The blooming trees!

Just like everybody else in Toronto, I am totally and completely swooning over the gorgeous pink and white trees blossoming all over the city. As each tree transforms from a bunch of sad branches into a majestic cotton candy cloud, Toronto gets a little less dreary, and the air smells sweet and delightful. Of course not all flowering trees are created equal, and though I love all of them dearly, my heart belongs to the Cherry Blossoms.






When I get married, it will have to be in the springtime, because I want a bouquet bursting with peonies, baby roses, and a hint of Sakura cherry blossom flowers! Seriously, they are the prettiest little pink and white magical flowers possible, and it’s definitely on my life list to visit Japan when their Sakura trees bloom all around the country!

It’s strange, growing up in Vancouver, no one ever really pointed out the Sakura blossoms to me; there are so many in the city that they’re not treated with a lot of adoration. Here in Toronto though, there aren’t that many of these amazing trees, so when they bloom every year thousands of people flock to their branches for photos and picnics. The most popular spot for this phenomenon is the patch of trees in the High Park Gardens, a group of trees so popular that High Park releases flower forecasts to the eager blossom lovers.

Because it has been a particularily cold and long winter, the blossoms took longer than usual to mature and bloom, but a bought of warm weather last weekend sped the process along, and on Monday the flowers finally opened! There was a storm warning in effect for later that day, so I threw on my Jordan de Ruiter tulle skirt and sped over, desperate to see the flowers before the petals were destroyed by the rain!





Bobby Pins from Ban.do, Camera Strap by Sam and Kate Design, Necklace from Bauble Bar, Shirt from H&M, Tulle Skirt by Jordan de Ruiter, vintage shoes

Sips, Sweets & Snacks


Is there anything sweeter than fresh squeezed lemonade once the Spring sunshine starts up? Well, yes, I think there is actually: there’s floral lemonade!

This may be both the most simple and most delicious thing I have ever made. I’ve been known to covet anything that tastes even remotely like flowers, and this petal-packed lemonade certainly fits the bill. Though some of the ingredients can be hard to find (rose water and violet syrup can be found at The Spice Trader or BYOB if you live in Toronto), the juice is most definitely worth the squeeze (no pun intended!)

I’ve been really anxious for spring flowers and sunshine lately (the urge to move to California grows stronger with each passing day), but sitting by the window with a glass of this petal-packed lemonade was almost enough to ward off my Spring daydreams, at least for a few hours. You can always add a bit of gin or vodka too if you’re craving a slightly stronger pick me up!







– 2 lemons
– 1/2 cup cane sugar
– 1/2 cup filtered water (plus more to fill the juice jug)
– 1 tbsp violet syrup
– 1 tsp rose water
– 1 tsp grenadine
– Candied violets (optional, for garnish)


Melt the cane sugar into the filtered water on the stove until it is all dissolved, then set it aside to cool. Juice the lemons (by hand or with a juicer) into your juice jug, careful to strain out any seeds, and then add the 3 syrups. I like things super sweet, but if you don’t, add the violet syrup, rose water and grenadine to taste. Add the water and sugar mixture once it’s cooled, and then add filtered water (or sparkling water) until the jug is full.

Mix everything up a bit with a wooden spoon or stir stick, and serve! I added a candied violet to each glass I poured and the purple candy melted away to give the drink an incredible ombre effect! I highly recommend this special touch if you can get your hands on candied violets (I got mine in France at Ladurée and I am very careful about when I use them because I’m so scared to run out!)





Photography by Brianne Burnell

Dress Up


It seems to be finally getting to that point in the year when it starts to, slowly but surely, warm up! Though I still wouldn’t call the shift we’re having “Spring weather” yet by any means, the temperature has crept up closer to zero, which means I can finally go get my bike tuned up, start dreaming of my plans for the yard, and most importantly, wear different clothing!

Because this winter has been so long and harsh, I’ve pretty much been wearing the same thing for 5 months. Winter survival has been paramount, so everyday I’ve really had no option but to wear my big trusty Marc by Marc Jacobs parka and my super warm waterproof Paul Brody boots. It hasn’t been the cutest season for me, but I’ve been warm.

Now that it’s a bit warmer outside though, I’ve been able to slowly (and tentatively) try wearing old favourites again. I ventured out in my beloved teddy bear coat the other day, and though I think it was actually a bit too cold still for the switch, it felt so good to be out in something different.

Please hurry Spring, I’m so ready for you!








Hair bow from Bergdorf’s, Earrings from Bicyclette, Sunglasses by Karen Walker, Purse by Hoi Bo, Coat, socks and trousers from H+M, Sweater by ACNE, Collared shirt by It’s OK My Dear, Booties from Topshop

Photos by Brianne Burnell

Dress Up


The other day, something remarkable happened: the temperature rose above zero degrees! For the first time in a long time, the weather was actually tolerable. It even rained a bit, so obviously I had to throw on a trench and get outside!

On top of a plain old outfit post, this is also my new hair debut! Do you like it? I re-visited Amanda at Blyss salon, the same incredible colourist who did my pink ombre a few months ago, and she made my hair into pure mermaid magic! I am totally obsessed to the point where I still can’t believe it’s actually my hair!

The colour technique is called Mother of Pearl, and you can read more about it on the Davines website!








Sunglasses by Karen Walker, Scarf by Good Night, Day, Bag by Hedj, Trench from Aritzia, Sweater by Acne, Rings from Catbird (shell from Verameat), Purple jeans from Topshop, Socks from Magic Pony, Ankle Boots by Rachel Comey

Photos by Brianne Burnell