Dear Diary

I’m not sure where to even start with Bottega Louie. As a lover of all things pink, sweet, and pretty, I practically fell over when I first started seeing photos from people in LA who had visited. My obsession only intensified when Paige brought me back 6 macarons from an LA buying trip and not only were they packaged in the most adorable pastel purple box, but they tasted like heaven, and the earl grey flavour was painted with gold leaf!

My deep love for Bottega Louie hit an all time high when Paige an I finally visited together on our recent LA trip. We met Amina Mucci of Studio Mucci for lunch, and yes, we absolutely stayed for dessert! We filled our table with gourmet pizza, portobello fries and berry lemonade, and when we were finally so full we could’ve burst we moved on to the retail section.

I’m going to be really honest with you guys here: I budgeted $100 for my Bottega Louie visit, and I came pretty close to meeting that cap. I mean come on, everything from the pasta sauce to the coffee to the eclair boxes was so out of this world beautiful! I seriously came *way* to close to buying myself a $200 gift box with a bottle of pink Moet and truffles in it (hem, Christmas is coming!)

In short, Bottega Louie was the pastel heaven I had always dreamed it would be, and even though I’ve shared so many Instagram photos from my visit already, Paige and I just couldn’t help dedicating a special post to it as well!

And yes, in case you’re wondering, everything¬†does taste as good as it looks!