Dear Diary

When I quit my full time job back in November, I was sure I’d have so much more time. Time to get all my work done, time to see the people I love, time to walk my dog and make fancy dinners every night and try out hundreds of hair masks.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t really the case.

Managing your own time is hard, no matter how well suited you are for it or how much you want to be your own boss. Even without a 9-5 office job I find myself in a state of constant-rush, always struggling to keep up with my own work schedule, stay healthy and maintain some form of a social life. Most days I feel like I’m on a hamster wheel with no carrot reward in sight, and often fitting in even the most simple of tasks can seem far-fetched. On one hand I’d love to slow down, but on the other I can’t imagine giving up all of the momentum Random Acts of Pastel has picked up over the past year. It really all comes down to balance, priorities, and making every minute count, which means anything that can save me precious time is welcomed.





Que SweetSpot Labs, the pH balanced and gynecologist recommended on-the-go cleaning regimen¬†that keeps you feeling fresh no matter how busy your day might be. Heading straight to a meeting after your morning workout and don’t have time to shower? SweetSpot Labs has you covered. Crashed at a friend’s after an event that was serving a bit too much complimentary bubbly? It’s ok, you’ve got SweetSpot Labs in your bag. 98% naturally formulated with ingredients like aloe and cucumber, SweetSpot Labs‘ washes and wipes are the perfect way to stay clean and healthy if you’re always on the move, and they’ve even teamed up with my pals at U by Kotex to help make period time a little less stressful.

At the end of the day, being busy doesn’t have to be a bad thing- it’s all about finding that sweet spot!

P.S. American friends: if you head to Target and buy any two U by Kotex products and/or SweetSpot products, you can get a bonus SweetSpot deluxe wipette sample, OR receive 15% off all SweetSpot and U by Kotex products through the Cartwheel App!