Dear DiaryDress Up

For a long time Paige and I took a big break from working on projects together. I went through a life changing break up that came with endless ups and downs, and she had to close down her magical little shop. It was a tough time for us both, and as we took space to deal with our own separate issues, we started to drift apart.

A few weeks ago, we decided that two is always better than one, and just like that we started planning and dreaming together once again. Already we’ve made some mega-cute content to share, and I can’t explain how inspiring it feels to be back in Studio B making magic happen again after all this time. We’re not quite ready to release anything yet, but all I can say is get excited!

All of this collaborative teamwork has really had me thinking back to last summer, and the summer before that. Random Acts of Pastel just turned two last weekend, and when I look back it’s really incredible to see how far things have come in such a short time. To quote Katy Perry “I’ve been on fast rocket ship holding on for dear life!”

To get back to my point, all of this reflection has really got me thinking of how I got here, and one of the biggest game changers for me was getting the chance to blog for Bicyclette. Paige asked me to come up with a fun guest blogging series, and together we decided on “Take Me Out”, a bi-weekly column that married fashion and all of my favourite places in the city. Essentially, I picked a place, styled an outfit inspired by it from Paige’s shop, and created a photo story with a little write up. The process helped me connect with small business owners all over the city, hone my photography and editing style, and introduced me to a totally new audience. In short, it was a dream come true, and today’s post is a collection of some of my favourite moments from the column.
















You can see the entire Take Me Out series on the Bicyclette blog here!