Dear DiaryParty Time

There’s a special place in my heart for wedding shows and markets, regardless of the fact that I have no plans to get married anytime soon (*tear*). I always say yes when I’m invited to bridal events, and this year’s Rebash Market was no exception.

Even better? I got to bring Paige of Studio Bicyclette along, who unlike me, is actually planning her wedding for next summer! It was extra lovely to get to shop flowers, tiny cacti and swan favours with her while daydreaming about my own distant plans. We tasted the freshest macarons, took notes on floral arrangements, and though Paige didn’t buy a ton of items or book anything final, she felt super inspired by everything we saw, and it was pretty magical to see the little styling wheels start turning in her head.

One day my day will come, but for now it was extra special to help in some small way with hers.

Some of our favourite Vendors included:

Bash Boutique
Mai Lin
Love Lettering
Quelle Cuisine
Paper Decorum
Present Day Gifts
Make my Day Count
Snowdrop and Co.
Field Day Design










Dear DiaryParty Time

I’m not sure what’s happening, but has anyone else noticed Club Monaco has been on point lately? Their melon and coral Spring colour scheme is truly wardrobe perfection, and don’t even get me started on the delicate accessories and ladylike frilly details. Even the menswear is what prince dreams are made of!

When the Club Monaco flagship on Bloor launched the #CMmarket last summer, a small gathering of local businesses in sweet stalls in front of the shop, I was totally smitten to say the least. You can imagine my glee when I was invited to the launch of this summer’s market! It was basically like a wedding with a talented live band, twinkle lights overhead, and a smattering of amazing treats and cocktails unlike any other. Highlights included fresh Sweet Woodruff floral arrangements, popsicle cocktails, and crazy good treats from Bake Shoppe (as always.)

Make sure you add this special little pocket of Bloor street to your must-see list this summer!









Dress Up

When I was growing up, Guess was the coolest shop at the mall. I’ve been wearing their clothing since I was 16, and they’ve never failed me in the realm of sparkly platforms, short shorts and denim jumpsuits. A few weeks ago Guess invited me to host a festival fashion event at their Eaton Centre location and I just couldn’t say no- host a party at a shop I’ve adored for most of my adult life? Yes please!

Of course a new outfit was pretty much mandatory for my big night at the mall (who hasn’t had a fantasy about partying in a mall right?) so I headed over to The Eaton Centre for a little throwback shopping spree. I walked out with an almost entirely peach and pink outfit, and honestly it’s a *total dream*. The suede style skinnies are so unbelievably soft I have had a hard time not sleeping in them, and don’t even get me started on the oversized ballet pink crepe blazer. It wasn’t the look I was expecting to end up with- it’s even better than I could’ve imagined!

That said, let’s get dressed up and hang out! Join me this Friday at Guess Toronto Eaton Centre from 5-9 for a fun style event! There will be snacks, hair braiding, Crystal Head vodka cocktails, and rumour has it there are special discounts too! See you there? You can RSVP here!








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Oh so PrettyParty Time

When Birchbox first asked team RAOP to decorate their upcoming customer appreciation event (and by “team RAOP I mean me and Johanna), I’ll admit I was a little nervous. Though I’ve styled a lot of spaces for party shoots, I hadn’t really ever done an actual full-scale party with strangers who would be actual guests, and it seemed pretty daunting to take on. Luckily, I believe pretty strongly in jumping in with both feet, so I agreed to the challenge, and Johanna and I immediately got to work.

We wanted to come up with a cute theme for our decor plan, so we settled on “you’re a gem”, because really, all of you truly are something special! We put our heads together and came up with some sparkly DIY projects, like folded paper gems and mini gem pinatas (posts with instructions coming in the next couple of weeks), and created a glittery pastel sugar drink rimmer blended with pastel pop rocks for the strawberry mojitos the bar was serving. We dipped mason jars in silver glitter to serve as vessels for the flower arrangements (again, DIY on its way), and bought our weight in blooms at the local flower market. In the end it all came down to a bit of a scrambled mad dash that involved me in high heels on the ladder holding onto a pipe with armfuls of pinatas, but when 6pm rolled around Wednesday night everything looked pretty much perfect.

With glitter and glue all over our faces and hands we spent the evening meeting new friends, snacking on the most delicious finger food, and talking beauty products of course! Birchbox is such a fun and creative company, and I’m always so excited to see what they’re creating and featuring (if you don’t have a monthly subscription yet, do it. Like now.) There was a nail painting station and a spot for beauty touch ups, and it was such a treat to finally meet the whole team (and Ania B!) in person. By the end of the evening, Johanna and I were already planning our trip to the Birchbox store in New York.








Birchbox – The Box is Monthly, the Beauty & Grooming Possibilities are Endless! Sign up for just $10/month.

Dear Diary

So here’s a little-known fact about me: I have 12 tattoos and counting! Most of them are rather small and inconspicuous, but I consider the finished product a work in progress that will probably keep going until I’m at least 75. I’m all about covering your body in words and images that make you happy- after all, we’re all wasting away into wrinkly messes anyway, right? Why not have a little fun while we’re at it!

Now it’s undeniable that tattoos will eventually crease, fade, and lose their lustre over the years, but wouldn’t it be so lovely to have a special way to remember them just as they are? Perhaps painted on a canvas, captured in a photograph, or even better yet, printed on a limited edition wine bottle!

I know what you’re thinking- there goes Alyssa, letting her imagination run away with her yet again. In all seriousness though, this idea is totally feasible! Vintage Ink wine is launching their label, and to make a splash on the scene they’re asking fans to submit images of their tattoos for the chance to have their body art featured on a limited run of wine bottles! All you have to do to be entered to win is share a photo of your tattoo on social media with the hashtag #MyVintageInk, or upload an image to their site here. I’ll be sharing different pictures of my ink on Instagram over the next couple of weeks, and I hope to see your designs out there too!



Sounds fun, doesn’t it? If you’re thirsty for more you can also sample the wine itself and celebrate the launch at 99 Sudbury on July 11th! More information coming soon, so keep your eyes on my Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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