Dress Up

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to visit The CNE, Toronto’s massive yearly carnival not once, but twice! I rode the rides, played the games (and actually managed to win one!), ate all the deep fried food I could get my paws on, and of course took a whole load of photos. A whole bunch of my favourite images ran on the Bicyclette blog today as part of my bi-weekly Take Me Out post, but since I ended up with so many pictures, I wanted to share some here as well!

Though the CNE is over for this year, I also wanted to create a little “best of” guide for vegans and vegetarians venturing into the meat-heavy but oh so fun food hall. Believe it or not, there’s lots for us in there too! Scroll to the bottom for my handy little list of favourites, or simply enjoy these colourful fun photos and dream about the gates opening up again next year.



















My Vegan/Vegetarian CNE Food Hall Faves:

Miami Ice – Ice pops
Wild Child’s Kitchen – Raw + Vegan snacks and juices
Tiny Tom’s – The best mini donuts
Baked and Loaded – Baked potatoes, vegan options available!
Quench – Fresh squeezed lemonade
Eative – Delicious liquid nitrogen sorbet
Swiss Waffles and Crepes – enough said!

Photos by Brianne Burnell

Oh so Pretty

As you probably know, us Bicyclette girls love all things summer. We love picnics and beach days, sandals and bikinis, and most of all, we love hot pink nails and lips paired with a perfect California girl tan.

But as much as I love soaking up the rays, its become undeniable that baking on the beach isn’t actually healthy at all. Skin cancer rates are at an all time high, and though I love the look of a dark toasty tan, I also really want to stay safe and take care of myself too.






When the owner of Saul’s Beauty Shop, a cute local spot just minutes from Bicyclette, invited me to try out spray tan, I jumped at the opportunity. Just the words “spray tan” usually bring visions of orange celebs to my head, but Saul’s promised a totally natural look, and it seemed like a great alternative to skin damage and tan lines.

The service itself was a totally wonderful experience. Saul’s is clean and super cute with an amazing, friendly staff, a great selection of all-natural take home products, and excellent music to boot. The spray tan was a bit awkward at first (as being naked in front of total strangers can often be), but it sort of felt like I was doing yoga in a cloud of tropical scented mist. Oh, and the formula itself is sugar based! How sweet is that?







Post Spray Tan Essentials

Exfoliator // A great exfoliator can really help break up lines and blend darker spots post spray tan. We recommend Whish’s coconut milk exfoliating body wash, a product specifically formulated for tanning and spray tans that smells like a tropical vacation (available at Saul’s!)

Moisturizer // Give your new tan a boost with a shimmery moisturizer or body butter. Saul’s recommends Pacifica’s Coconut Crushed Pearl body lotion to give your skin that extra sparkle.

A Sweet Scent // Spray tans can leave your skin smelling a bit off at first, so perfume can be a welcome smell the day after you spray. Library of Flowers’ solid perfume in “Honeycomb” is the perfect beach bag essential, and it smells so good!

Hints of Pink // Nothing goes with a summer glow like hints of pink. We especially love hot pink NYX matte lipstick and Ban.do hair accessories!

Sun Screen // Don’t forget to wear sunscreen just because you have a base tan! Sun damage occurs whether you’re tanned or not, so covering yourself in a high SPF tanning lotion for a day at the beach is still super important. Alba’s sun products are cruelty-free, water resistant, and infused with antioxidants and nourishing ingredients, which makes them a beach bag favourite!

For more spray tan details, check out Saul’s super handy online guide!

Photos by Jason Matos

Dress Up

Though the weather hasn’t been the best and I find myself busier with work than ever, this summer has been pretty wonderful so far. I’ve had the chance to work on a ton of fun creative projects, celebrated my blog’s first birthday, and coordinated an incredible party shoot with Bicyclette. Perhaps the biggest event so far though was Sarah’s visit.

Sarah and I have been best friends since we were eight years old, and though our closeness has come and gone, I don’t think any time has been quite as rough as this past year. Last summer Sarah decided to go to grad school in Vancouver, where we’re both from, and at the end of August she left her life here behind, including me. It was so hard to see her go, and even harder to have such an incredible year of success and excitement without really being able to share it with her. We kept in touch nonstop, sending one another cards and packages, but it just wasn’t the same. I felt like part of myself was missing.

Sarah’s visit these past two weeks was so bittersweet that it’s hard to even sum it up. We did all sorts of amazing things she wanted to do, and went a handful of places that I had promised to show her. It certainly wasn’t perfect, and if I’m being totally honest things did feel a little bit different at times, but when push comes to shove we had an amazing two weeks filled with beauty and adventure.

One of my favourite days with Sarah was when we headed to Toronto Island to shoot photos with Brianne for a Take me Out post. We spent the morning frolicking around the island taking pictures, and in the afternoon we lazed around on the beach until we were so hungry that we had to leave. It was a beautiful day filled with hundreds of tiny beautiful moments; here are some of my favourites!







Untitled-1 copyDSC01738








Photos by Brianne Burnell

Sips, Sweets & Snacks

This week’s local love is a new Toronto spot that I might even call my favourite cafe in the city. Specializing in tea, coffee, house-made confiture, and the fluffiest, butteriest scones you’ve ever tasted, Kitten and the Bear is the perfect place for an indulgent afternoon tea alone, a romantic outing, or just catching up with friends. Due to extremely limited space, expect to take your goodies to go, and be pleasantly surprised if a table is available (don’t worry, a picnic in High Park is just a few blocks away!)

Owned and run by Sophie and Bobby, two of the cutest folks you’ve ever met, the shop offers scones and mini servings of jam to-go if you’re in a hurry. They also sell tins of Sloane Tea, hand-picked vintage tea ware, and their fresh, handmade, local-fruit-filled jams in adorable jars to go (in case you’re ever planning on getting me a gift, look no further.) They’re always dreaming up something new too- in fact last time I visited there was talk of jam parfaits with local yogurt, and I got to sample some not-yet-released jam sweetened ice tea (which, in case your wondering, is the best thing ever!)

I could go on and on about banana jam that tastes like heaven, and pots of Perfectly Pear tea, but just take my word for it: stop by Kitten and the Bear next time you’re craving something sweet. I promise you’ll leave will a full belly, a smile on your face, and most likely a shopping bag full of jam, tea, and tea ware to take home!








DSC_0109 DSC_0031









Dear Diary

I haven’t had time to do a local love post for awhile now because I’ve been so busy running around with all sorts of talented people and working on big exciting projects, so this one has been waiting around in my drafts for a couple weeks (hence the incorrect hair colour!)

Good Egg has been one of my favourite shops in the city ever since I first ventured in looking for a magazine a few years ago. A cookbook shop filled with adorable kitchen supplies and novelty items, there are so many foodie-finds here that you won’t see anywhere else in town. If you’re looking to dig up some new recipes, grab a cute tea towel, or load up on special gifts for your friends, this is totally the place to go!