Dress Up

We are so lucky to live right across the street from CONVEY, and every time they get a new delivery we are in there like syrup on pancakes! Usually we walk, but when they let us know Double Trouble had arrived, we practically ran.

Embroidered with cute sayings like “Heartbreaker” and “Tell Me About it Stud”, this line of powder-coloured basics has really become an instant staple in our closets. There’s something so simple and convenient about going back to basics, and we’re so thankful to CONVEY for introducing us to this mega-cute British line!

In the spirit of twinning (our favourite thing lately), Jo and I channelled the Pink Ladies for this mini Double Trouble outfit shoot. I paired my tee with 3×1 white denim, and CONVEY’s beautiful collaboration leather jacket with Namesake. Jo opted for a dressed down look with vintage denim cut offs, a pink pleather jacket by local brand Jon + Jenn. We both topped it all off with Sonix sunnies from beautiful Los Angeles, and red heart lollies of course!











Jeans, Leather jacket, Jo’s pink loafers and Double Trouble tees all from CONVEY, Pink jacket via John + Jenn, Sunnies via Sonix

Dress Up

For a long time Jo and I fought our twin-like ways. We’d text before showing up to work to make sure we weren’t accidentally matching, and blush when we inevitably arrived in the same place in almost identical clothing anyway. We tried to keep our hair different shades at all times, and put a lot of energy into finding looks that would differentiate us.

But still, the questions remained the same: “omg, are you sisters?”, “Are you TWINS?” and these days we’ve decided we may as well just get crazy matchy matchy. That’s right, we’re purposely twinning all the time, and honestly, it’s pretty darn fun.

Hayley Elsaesser is one of our favourite local designers, and every year we flock to her fashion week show like a couple of moths to a big colourful flame. This year she invited us to visit her shop for some new items to sport at fashion week (dream come true!) and though we attempted to each pick a totally different outfit, we walked out looking like twins in identical two piece ensembles once again.

The perks? We almost always have the same item in multiple prints/colours, and we can pretend to be one another à la parent trap in like, 80% of situations…

P.S. Happy first day of summer!!!












Both outfits via Hayley Elsaesser (including socks!). Alyssa’s shoes via BC footwear, backpack via Opelle Creative, watch via MintCoast, sunnies by Illesteva. Johanna’s shoes by Converse