Sips, Sweets & Snacks

Every year around this time I head down to Harbourfront Centre for one of my favourite annual Toronto events: The Vegetarian Food Festival. Like a little slice of heaven, this massive pop-up market is packed with vendors offering specialty vegan and vegetarian food, and it always draws the loveliest crowd of cute families, young vegetarian foodies and rescue dogs. Seriously, there’s nothing better than doing your grocery shopping for the week outdoors while live music plays in the background and samples are handed out like hot potatoes. It’s a wonderful way to try new vegetarian options and get to know some of they city’s best companies. Here are some of my favourite finds this year:

Pleasantville Creamery // The ice cream flavours at this booth were completely unreal! Made from hemp and coconut oil, Pleasantville boasts their product is “better than ice cream”, and after trying a scoop of their “Elvis” (banana, sunbutter, chocolate cookie dough, banana caramel and thick cut potato chips) I think I have to agree.

Apiecalypse Now // This vegan snack bar/bakery is starting to develop a cult following around the city, and with items like bbq chicken pizza, mozzarella bites and Dunkaroo cookie sandwiches it’s easy to see why.

Nona // I’m a total sucker for Alfredo, and no one makes vegan Alfredo sauce quite like Nona. Creamy and salty, I love serving it up on a bed of fresh pasta with Field Roast’s Italian sausages.

Tori’s Bakeshop // Usually I have to drive half an hour to the Beaches if I want a Tori’s fix, so I was very pleased to find them at the festival this year with their delicious creations. Totally vegan and mostly gluten free, Tori’s makes the most incredible cinnamon buns in the city (amongst other delights), and after smelling their booth this weekend I’ll definitely be heading to their cafe as soon as I can.

Village Juicery // A neighbourhood favourite, I can’t get enough of Village Juicery and their incredibly delicious cold pressed concoctions.


Sips, Sweets & Snacks

Here at Studio B we’re always cooking up photo shoots, events and new projects, but every once and awhile we cook up something really tasty too! The past few weeks have been crazy busy between getting everything ready for our social media workshop and planning our big L.A. trip, but a girl’s gotta eat right? So last Thursday (our creative day in the studio) we decided to make one of my favourite lunches while we were working together, and we ended up taking some photos and turning it into a blog post to share with you!

I’m pretty big on rice bowls of all sorts, but the fiesta bowl is by far my favourite go-to. Colourful and hearty, think of it as a burrito bowl, but with a few unexpected additions. I love to make this recipe for lunch when I’m working at home, but it’s also great for dinner with some chipotle veggie sausages, or for breakfast with a fried egg on top! It’s simple, quick, and ever so delicious.

Why not make your next meal a bit of a party?



Ingredients //

*Note: we did not provide measurements because this recipe is meant to be totally freestyle! Just got for it!

Brown rice
Chili powder
Smoked paprika
Salt and pepper
Lime juice
Refried beans
Green pepper
Salsa (we like Neal Brothers Corn salsa best)
Goat cheese



Directions //

Cook the rice and add salt, pepper, chilli powder, lime juice and smoked paprika to taste (we recommend a lot of chilli powder.) You can also add some cayenne for a bit of a kick!

Heat up your refried beans on the stove, and while you wait chop the lettuce, tomato, green pepper and mango.

Start building your bowl with rice at the bottom, then beans, then veggies. Top it off with salsa and goat cheese, and a slice of lime if you’re feeling fancy!


Dress Up

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to visit The CNE, Toronto’s massive yearly carnival not once, but twice! I rode the rides, played the games (and actually managed to win one!), ate all the deep fried food I could get my paws on, and of course took a whole load of photos. A whole bunch of my favourite images ran on the Bicyclette blog today as part of my bi-weekly Take Me Out post, but since I ended up with so many pictures, I wanted to share some here as well!

Though the CNE is over for this year, I also wanted to create a little “best of” guide for vegans and vegetarians venturing into the meat-heavy but oh so fun food hall. Believe it or not, there’s lots for us in there too! Scroll to the bottom for my handy little list of favourites, or simply enjoy these colourful fun photos and dream about the gates opening up again next year.



















My Vegan/Vegetarian CNE Food Hall Faves:

Miami Ice – Ice pops
Wild Child’s Kitchen – Raw + Vegan snacks and juices
Tiny Tom’s – The best mini donuts
Baked and Loaded – Baked potatoes, vegan options available!
Quench – Fresh squeezed lemonade
Eative – Delicious liquid nitrogen sorbet
Swiss Waffles and Crepes – enough said!

Photos by Brianne Burnell