Dear Diary

So as some of you may already know, I love working out. I grew up training constantly for mountain bike races and triathlons, and I guess the need to sweat really stuck. Exercise makes me feel healthier, happier and stronger! I may not always have enough time to make it a priority, but nevertheless I’m always firmly on team workout.

The rest of the team here… isn’t quite in the same boat.

I’ve been attempting to drag Johanna to run clubs and barre classes since the day we met, and let me tell you, it’s like trying to get a cat into the lake for a lovely mid-winter swim. In short, it’s not her thing, but that doesn’t really mean it isn’t important, especially as we get older (we both have serious age anxiety!)

Here’s what Jo had to say about my crazy plan to find workouts so fun that even the most dedicated workout hater could have a good time:

Hi I’m Johanna and I act as resident ‘Workout Hater’ around RAOP HQ. I mean, I like exercise but I absolutely require it be in the spirit of fun. I was always the kid finding ways out of gym class or sitting on the soccer field making dandelion necklaces instead of playing with the ball. After a couple years of friendship with Alyssa it became clear exercise was a big part of her life, and she was pretty eager to share this part of her life with me. So after many failed attempts we decided to make a list of work-outs around the city tried and tested specifically by me, a workout hater! Here they are, all in the spirit of fun & trying new things!

Big Hit Studios //

This one topped my list! Although the classes still give you a very ‘gym’ experience, the constant jumping, kicking and punching to loud music keeps you having so much fun that you forget how tired you are until the end – when they pass out chilled towels! When workouts can double as something else they’re much more bearable for me, and I must say kickboxing is one of the best forms of anger management I’ve ever tried. Trust me, when you see the giant tank-top-wearing foam man you’ll understand.

Oh and did I mention you can purchase you’re very own adorable pink boxing gloves?


Fly Studios //

When I think about “fun” workouts Aerial Yoga is definitely first to come to mind, and after 3 classes I can confirm it’s entirely as fun as it looks… but it also requires strength, patience and a little bit of fearlessness. There’s a certain kind of pride that comes from doing something that scares you and Aerial Yoga is the perfect thing to practice “the art of letting go”. Each move blends into the next, requiring you to give up control and let your body fall into the silks.

The first time you release your hands from the silks to find they are securely holding you 4 feet off the ground, or take the leap into jumping into a flip, you really come to realize what you can be capable of if you stop being so scared. It’s basically an hour of tiny acts of bravery!



Extension Room //

Like I mentioned above, I like work-outs that double as something else – and Extension Room’s ballet classes (like Beginner Ballet & Ballet Bootcamp), definitely fulfill all my lifelong ballerina dreams. The classes require a pretty intense level of focus and of course strength, but they’re also so graceful and lovely. Classes are held in the breeziest white room as chandeliers hang overhead and all kinds of natural light – it’s really the perfect atmosphere to get in touch with your inner ballerina.

They also offer traditional Barre classes along with the unique Extension Method if fast paced is more your thing.



A few of our other fun workout faves:

Pursuit OCR
Misfit Studio