Dress Up

There’s some pretty magical stuff happening in Toronto this week, and though I wasn’t due for another Take Me Out until two Fridays from now, I thought a special edition post was warranted. This weekend is a celebration filled with rainbows, confetti, and love, a combination I can’t help but get excited about. If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m talking about Toronto’s annual gay pride celebration, which this year just happens to be world pride!

I get so excited every summer when this week rolls around, and the massive scale of this year’s celebration has sent my energy level through the roof. There are outdoor parties every night, massive free concerts like Tegan and Sara over the weekend, rainbows painted on crosswalks, and a parade so extravagant it’s actually worth wading through the huge crowds of people to see it. There is so much going on right now that it’s almost overwhelming, and the city seems about ready to burst (sort of like a big confetti bomb?)

_MG_0095_MG_0114_MG_0094  _MG_0205_MG_0163_MG_0169_MG_0917double_MG_0188_MG_0243_MG_0292double

Now I’m not going to sugar coat it; in the past I’ve worn some pretty scandalous and strange outfits to pride (everyone does, don’t judge me.) Though I’m still incredibly proud to be part of the LGBTQ community, and I’m looking forward to spending my weekend dancing and daydreaming with a big glittery swarm of strangers, I want to take my pride look up a notch. And really, what better wardrobe to chose from than the shelves of Bicyclette?

Since it was impossible to actually shoot in the trenches of the pride zone without getting covered in sweat and runaway face paint, I decided to shoot some of my favourite pride looks in the safety of Studio B before heading out. Of course rainbows and bright, bold colours were necessary, and a little bit of unicorn sparkle, though not mandatory, was firmly suggested.

With the help of Paige (aka Toronto’s resident magical creature/California girl), I put together a handful of rainbowtastic outfits that are sure to make you feel so happy you might even describe it as, well… gay! I mixed in a few of my own rainbow pieces from home, like my ice cream tank, and my new Wildfox Rainbow sweater, and accessorized with party-perfect headbands and bags by Ban.do. Alongside a hot pink dresses, a tulle skirt, and an airy neon tank top from the shop, the outfits turned out bright and prismatic. Perfect for a weekend out celebrating every colour of the rainbow, don’t you think?

_MG_0225_MG_0319_MG_0387_MG_0370 _MG_0349_MG_0333

Happy Pride unicorns!

This is a collaboration post with Bicyclette and it can also be found on their blog too!