Get Creative

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m terrible at nail art. I have no patience whatsoever when it comes to painting tiny details on my paws, and every time I try I end up a mess of spilled polish and tears. For the most part if I want something special, I just go get my nails done by a pro.

Awhile back I went into Her Majesty’s Pleasure for a cocktail and a mani, and I ended up with crazy cute minimalist watermelon nails. Simple and summery, it was just the kind of nail art I love, and after studying the pattern a few times, I realized I could probably recreate it on myself very easily. I gave it my best shot, and sure enough it was pretty easy to execute!

Scroll down for the step-by-step…




Base // Start with a nourishing base coat (I love Smith and Cult’s formula), then paint your nails a nice bright pink or red. I used S&C Plastic Beach.

Tips // Choose a green that compliments your pink, and using the brush that comes with the polish bottle carefully paint a very thin french manicure-style line across the tip of each nail. I like to hold the brush vertically and carefully dab along the tips! I used Deborah Lippmann’s Flowers in Her Hair.

Details // Using a dotting tool, carefully add a few black “seeds” to each nail. I like the balance of three seeds, but it’s up to you how many you add!




That’s it! Wait till your art is absolutely dry before adding a protective top coat, and treat yourself to a watermelon mojito on a patio someplace!

Originally published on XO Vain

Oh so Pretty

So some of you may already follow my product reviews and tutorials over at XOVain, and some of you may have even have found me through their site vs. my own. That said, I have a feeling that crossover is somewhat lacking, and I’d really like to remedy the situation. Moving forward, I’m going to be sharing little roundups of some of my favourite Vain posts here! I’m thinking about once a month- are you guys into that?!

In the spirit of Spring and blooming trees, this month’s theme is all about all things floral! I am pretty flower obsessed (as you can tell pretty quickly from my social media feeds), and that definitely bleeds into my love for beauty products and fragrance. Here are some of my top flowery picks- complete with very straightforward descriptive new titles that I oh-so-cleverly invented:

//The best natural deodorant ever

//Eight of my favourite rose inspired fragrances

//Make your hair like a modern day Marie Antoinette’s (complete with flowers and tiny toadstools)

//An ode to cherry blossom season

//What even is a facial steam?!

Dear Diary


Do you dream of mermaids and unicorns? Hope one day that Hagrid will knock on your door and let you know you’ve actually been a witch/wizard this whole time? Well I do, and one way I’ve learned to cope with my slightly less than magical reality is to make my hair wondrous pastel colours. Like all the time. If you too have an interest in trying out such a coping mechanism, click over to XO Vain for my unicorn hair tutorial and follow the ten simple (ish) steps!