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The Business Woman Special- A Cocktail Inspired by One of Our Favourite Movies with PopStream

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m not really into board games. As a generally mega-impatient person I have a horrible time committing to anything with the potential to stretch on and on, and though I try my best to be a good sport I almost never actually manage to stick with a game till the end. The only exception to this rule is a game that really plays to my strengths- movie trivia.

In case you haven’t noticed I’m hyper detail-oriented, which makes me the ideal candidate for everything from trivia to reading comprehension. I’m also an avid movie watcher, and I love testing my knowledge and stumbling across new films to add to my “to watch” list. For these reasons and so many more, I have totally fallen for Pop Stream, a new interactive movie trivia game that connects to your iPad.

In all honesty, my relationship with this game started with aa lot of hesitation and distrust. I generally avoid anything I perceive as unnecessarily tech-focused/futuristic, sticking to analogue versions of almost everything I can. That said, I brought the game over to a hangout with a group of friends on a whim, and within minutes we were all totally hooked. With fun question categories, video clips, and really hilarious moving avatars, its the perfect accessory to tote to holiday parties and family gatherings this Christmas. The only thing that makes playing Pop Stream even MORE fun? Cocktails of course!

Scroll down for a fun game night cocktail recipe…






We wanted to pay homage to one of our favourite pastel movies with this recipe, so we chose a California girl-pink concoction inspired by our girls Romy and Michelle. With great diet advice (candy corns and gummi bears anyone?) and exceptional taste in music, this movie has everything you need to throw an awesome themed movie-trivia girl’s night- and with the help of these cocktails that’s exactly what we did!

Business Woman Special

Ingredients //

Sparkling Lemonade
Peach Schnapps

Method //

Pour sparkling lemonade over ice, then add a shot of both vodka and peach schnapps. Top it off with a splash of grenadine, and cheers to your genius invention of Post Its.

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  • I love the ‘Romy and Michelle’ reference! Now I’m gonna have to rewatch that movie, maybe with a ‘business woman special’ cocktail too 😉

    this has brighten my mood!!

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