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Winter Survival Fort DIY

Everyone in Toronto (and Canada in general I presume) is having a tough time getting out of the bed. Since our team gets to work at home anyway, we thought we’d find a way to sweeten the deal and make our stay home club even cozier. With the help of amazing pastel sheets from Bedface and Johanna’s handiwork, we turned my bedroom into a magical escape so cozy you almost forget the weather outside is frightful.

Scroll down for instructions!


What you’ll need //

2 flat sheets (we used Bedface and we adore them!)
3 1/2″ wooden dowels (3-4 ft long)
6 screw-in hooks
Measuring tape
10-15 alligator clips (make sure they are the same size as your wooden dowels)

+ Pillows, blankets, tassel garlands and cozy details from #ShopRAOP (optional)



Instructions //

Start by using a measuring tape and level to draw 2 small x’s on the ceiling for each wooden dowel. 2 will run parallel to the edges of the bed and one will cut directly down the middle. Use 2 Hooks per dowel.

Once you have these hooks screwed into the ceiling you can cut 4 pieces of rope (each approx. 30 inches long.) Tie these 4 pieces into circles and set aside. Now cut 2 pieces each 14 inches long and tie them as well.

The 4 longer pieces will get hung on the two outer hooks and the 2 smaller pieces will hang on the middle hooks. This will give you your ‘house’ formation.

Place the wooden dowels inside the hanging hoops of rope evenly so they are sturdy. Take one sheet’s top edge and use an alligator clip to secure it’s middle to the middle of the highest wooden dowel (the centre of your fort). Work your way, scrunching and clipping as you go to either end. Repeat on the other side.



Now you have two sheets attached to the centre dowel of your fort. Gather each sheet and feed it over the outer dowel and clip in the middle and at each end to secure. Repeat on the other side.

Now add lights, tassels, pillows and blankets!







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