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Yellow Dress OOTD

So many wonderful things in this world come in shades of yellow – cartoon smiley faces, the sunshine, daisies, and of course, lemonade. Way back around Christmas time I decided this summer was going to be my lemonade summer, painted in sun-dripped happy hues with sparkle emojis dancing around my everyday.

Of course life isn’t always how we plan it, and so far this Summer has been testing, unstable, busy, filled with massive success and a seemingly endless to-do list of tasks. I’ve spent a lot of time outside, exploring the city and beyond, and though there have been a lot of pretty pastel moments, there have also been dark days clouded with grey. I’m starting to recognize that life, even during my favourite season, is filled with the entire spectrum of colour, with a rainbow of ups and downs, and though it can feel disappointing when things aren’t as light as desired, I’m trying to teach myself to be present in each moment, whether it’s pink or yellow or dark, daunting indigo.

I’ve always believed in dressing for the way you want to feel, so I’ve been donning bright shades more than ever in the hopes of manifesting my washed-out Summer. This is a bit out of my comfort zone, but a few weeks back when we passed the beautiful yellow inn I’d stopped at on my first trip to PEC in the Fall, it simply felt right. Though the day was cloudy and our crew a bit tired from the day of travel before, I decided to be the sun I wanted to see, paired with pretty blush accessories of course.

How do you dress to chase the blues away?












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