Party Time

A few weeks ago I let my guard down a bit and shared my personal struggle with mental health as part of a special project with CAMH. It was a hard post to write, but after seeing all of the positive feedback, love and sharing that came out of it, I’m so glad I took the risk and went for it.

This week’s post is a little bit lighter in subject matter- it’s all about my Un-Slumber party tonight! I’ve invited a group of my closest friends to spend the evening playing board games, drinking pink virgin drinks, watching Sex and City, and maybe even splashing around in my blow up pool under the stars if the weather pans out. With essentials provided by The Candy Bar and Blue Bella, it’s sure to be a very special night, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you over social media!

In case you have assembled your own team for tonight’s fundraiser challenge, and you’re hoping to stay occupied until the darkness turns to light, I’ve included my favourite mocktail recipe below! See you when the sun comes up?

Want to get on in on this important cause? Team RAOP has raised over 75% of our fundraising goal, and we need your help! Please donate if you’re at all able, or show your support by staying up all night tomorrow and posting a #sunriseselfie at 6am with us!




Rosy Pink Lemonade

Ingredients //

Sparkling lemonade

Recipe //

Pour the lemonade into a jug and add splashes of grenadine until you’re satisfied with the shade of pink and the taste. Next, add a few drops of rose water (careful, it’s very strong!) to the mix and taste it again to see if it’s rosy enough. Serve in pretty glasses with a garnish of your choice- I suggest umbrellas, slices of watermelon, or little pastel paper straws!

Kimono and pj set via Blue Bella, candy via The Candy Bar

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